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  1. yahoomedia

    Mono 1/4" output on TT?

    I’ve just recently purchased Amplifi TT ( Feb 2019) and was also puzzled as to why there was now mono out as such, Good news : It is Balanced to go into various interfaces/ inputs, I’ve plugged into a Mackie Mixer and bused directly to Logic ( Stereo) it sounds awesome. When I use AMP out it’s sound great also, but I do get lots of amp noise, depending on the Amp/FX settings and how close I am to getting interference. Direct L/R into Balanced inputs is the way to massively increase sound quality and levels, with a very low noise floor.
  2. yahoomedia

    Amplifi TT - Recording dry signal?

    Seems it’s recommended that you simply switch off the Amp and FX signals and record dry, if you wish re assign, other third party guitar amps and FX.
  3. yahoomedia

    AMPLIFi TT Recording

    So far so good with Amplifi TT, Awesome Gadget
  4. yahoomedia

    AMPLIFi TT Recording

    Any issues with latency using Amplifi TT with Logic Pro X