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  1. The message on Catalina compatability update indicates "The Helix custom driver (which adds support for additional sample rates) does not yet work correctly." What exactly does this impact? What is the custom driver used for/by? I am currently running a Helix Effects, using 2.7 firmware, Mojave with HX Edit 2.70. Thanks!
  2. I think when you save a Preset/snapshot, it saves the preset that was active when you hit save (or more precisely hit "SAVE" "SAVE"). Page 27 of manual.
  3. If you check the Signal Flow tutorial here, it explains how to set up a toggle.
  4. Understood - was just hoping I could set it by ms in one snapshot and note value in another snapshot, so I didn’t have to do the conversion....My “divide by 60,000” mental skills aren’t quite there <grin>....
  5. There are situations where I would like to have an delay time parameter set based on ms for one part of a song (say for a slap-back or thickener) during part of a song (say set to 75ms), but would like the time based parameter to be set up based on Note Division for another part of a song (say a 1/4-note delay during a solo). However, the parameter seems to need to be one or the other per preset. I had hoped I could (for example) have one snapshot (call it “Main”) based on the slap-back/ms setting, and another snapshot (call it “Solo”) with the delay parameter based on the Note Division, however when I push the Delay time parameter button in “Main” Snapshot to switch it to ms, it also seems to change it ms in the “Solo” snapshot. Any suggestions - I guess I could set two delay blocks and have them toggle on/off but that would be using up an extra block - not always an option....
  6. New Helix HX Effects user, doing lots of exploring/trial-and-error. Quick question on a behavior - I had originally set up a preset related to a song, with a set of effect min/max parameters tied to a footswitch controller for a solo section. Then decided that I wanted to turn a couple of effect blocks on and off during the song (Chorus/Verse and Solo sections), so decided to use a Snapshot. Rather than re-doing all the parameter changes as controlled by the Snapshot, thought I would just turn the controller footswitch on in the Solo snapshot, off in the Chorus/Verse snapshot. When I tested switching between Snapshots however, I noticed that the controller footswitch was not toggling on and off - it stayed in whatever state it was in when I started switching between snapshots. The effects blocks were toggling on and off as expected. Re-reading manual, this may be as designed - it does say snapshots can turn effects on and off, trigger commands, change parameter settings, etc.. nothing specific about turning footswitch controllers on or off. Not a show stopper at all, but wondering if this is expected behaviour/behaviour as designed?
  7. Can the left (or right) 1/4" main output on the TT be used as mono? Or should I use a y-adapter to get L & R to a single plug? I see the left output on the FX100 is labeled as LEFT/MONO, but not so on the TT. I don't think the instruction manual for either of them indicates this functionality BTW.
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