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  1. Already did, and they are working with me, unlike Line 6. The issue isn't the independent repair center, it is the "Line 6 Certified Repair Centers" that don't actually exist in some areas, although they are advertised on the Line 6 Website and when you buy your Line 6 units from a retailer.
  2. Okay. So I called around to find out if there was a certified place to repair my POD X3. I found two in my area and called both. One of them said they didn't do repairs on Line 6 products, and the other apparently isn't around anymore. I called Line 6 about the repair centers in my area, particularly the one that sad they no longer did them; they said they would look into it seriously and get back to me. They never got back to me (but I did take down the person's name that called), and I placed another call, only to have the exact same conversation, and they didn't call me back. I took the unit into an audio repair store that claimed to be able to service Line 6 units after Line 6 didn't appear to want to help. Shelled out 80 dollars for a repair, got the unit back, it worked for about a month, and began having the same problem today. Thank you Line 6 for the awful customer service. You have lost a customer.
  3. Thank you Charlie! Taking the unit apart doesn't show any apparent damage to the input jack, despite the fact pushing up slightly on the cord reignites the signal. Got an electrician friend taking a look at it today.
  4. Thanks for the curt response Charlie. Do you know how to remove and solder a new input? Or does Line 6 have any kind of instruction on this?
  5. Any update on this? I have the same issue with my POD X3; the unit cuts out sound constantly because of the input jack. Pushing up and down on the cable will is a temporary solution. I'm not under warranty, and I can't find a service center that will do the repair.
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