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  1. See Title... Simple Question... Thanks Christian
  2. Hi, I need to install an older version of the Driver Package Line 6 Audio Driver.pkg (from March 3. 2010). I can't do it, because the installer is always saying, I can't install ist, because there is a newer Version on my Hard Disk. So I searched and killed ALL files with "POD", or "GearBox" or "Line 6" or "HD" or "Line6" until I can't find any remnants of Line 6 files on this computer - but it's still saying that it's not installable because of a newer driver file on my harddisk. I know that it's installable, because I had it already up and running on OSX Yosemite. But I made the mistake to play with HD Edit... Any guess where I can find the remaining file and how it's called?? Or is there any registry where maybe the newer Audio Driver is registered? Best Christian
  3. Hi there, does anybody have some experience in running POD HD Edit (for HD500) AND GearBox (for X3 Live) on the same Mac parallel? I'm afraid, that the installation of POD HD Edit will destroy my painstackingly installed GearBox-Version on my Imac with OSX Yosemite which is now running smoothly after lots of try and errors... Thx Christian
  4. Hi, it was discussed several times in this forum, so I might have a solution for all, who have problems running Gearbox properly on OSX Yosemite (10.10.1). 1. Remove all (!) Line6 files and drivers from your Mac according to the Line 6 advice pdf from Line6Tony (http://line6.com/support/topic/9951-pod-x3-live-osx-yosemite/?p=71889) and AFTER THIS remove Line 6 device (i.e. X3 Live), restart your computer. 2. Download Gearbox lastest version 3. Doubleklick dmg-file 4. Open the package (right mouse klick on the package GearBox.mpkg) the left klick on Package... in context menu) 5. Open folder "Contents" and then folder "Packages" 6. Then install the packages manually IN FOLLOWING ORDER (IMPORTANT!) - GearBox AU Plugin.pkg - Gearbox RTAS Plugin.pkg DO NOT INSTALL GearBox.pkg YET! - Line6 Audio Driver.pkg - Line 6 Audio-Midi Pref.pkg IS NOT INSTALLABLE - BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER! - Line 6 Driver Uninstaller.pkg DO NOT INSTALL Line 6 Monkey.pkg YET! - Line6 TWX Framework.pkg IS NOT INSTALLABLE - BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER! - Line 6 TWGX Framework.pkg 7. After doing that, install Line6 GearBox.pkg 8. Restart now (not earlier!) 9. Connect Device 10. Start GearBox. It will open without any errors! You're ready to go. After that, you can install Line6Monkey if you want, but: 1. Do not use the package delivered with Gearbox, download latest Version from Line6 Support 2. After Installation DO NOT UPDATE ANY DRIVER! It will work properly withoui any updates I tried it on two computers (Imac 27" end 2013, and MacBookPro Mid 2011, both with Yosemite). Good Luck! Christian
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