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  1. I have a mac with high sierra too and can't get my kb37 to work at all even after following every instruction on multiple forums. If I don't get a solution soon, I'm selling the kb37 and going back to my boss eight track recorder......no issues, no latency and no trouble for 12 years. Computers have to be the most unreliable, unpredictable pieces of crap out there! Anyway, I hope we both find a solution soon....so frustrating!
  2. My mac book pro using os x captain will not install podfarm ( the version i am trying to install is the latest update from the line 6 site ). I installed 'monkey' and 'licence manager' with no problem . I went into disk utility and allowed apps from 'anywhere' to be allowed in . I'm new to mac and have no other ideas to try ......please can anyone help ? Thanks
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