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  1. Hi there - the power supply cable for the HX Stomp and HX Effects is too short. Besides getting an isolated power supply box, can Line 6 recommend an extension cable that can be used, similar to a daisy chain cable that will maintain the correct power and low noise? Thank you!
  2. Hi There - what cable should be used with the Godlyke PA-9D to HX Stomp? None of the included cables? Thank you!
  3. Hi There, I'm looking into ordering a custom foot controller for Tap Tempo ( cc 64), and three other functions like changing effect block or amp parameters. Beyond what's stated in the manual (pasted below), are there certain Midi CCs I should be targeting or avoiding? I was thinking 40, 41, and 42. Just wanna make sure I get it right the first time. Thanks in advance! MIDI CC# Value Function Pedal and Footswitch Assignments 1 0-127 Emulates EXP 1 Pedal 2 0-127 Emulates EXP 2 Pedal 3 0-127 Emulates EXP 3 Pedal 49 0-127 Emulates Stomp footswitch mode's FS1 50 0-127 Emulates Stomp footswitch mode's FS2 51 0-127 Emulates Stomp footswitch mode's FS3 52 0-127 Emulates Stomp footswitch mode's FS4 53 0-127 Emulates Stomp footswitch mode's FS5 54 0-127 Emulates Stomp footswitch mode's FS7 55 0-127 Emulates Stomp footswitch mode's FS8 56 0-127 Emulates Stomp footswitch mode's FS9 57 0-127 Emulates Stomp footswitch mode's FS10 58 0-127 Emulates Stomp footswitch mode's FS11 59 0-127 Emulates EXP Toe switch Looper Controls 60 0-63: Overdub; 64-127: Record Looper Record/Overdub switch (FS8) 61 0-63: Stop; 64-127: Play Looper Play/Stop switch (FS9) 62 64-127 Looper Play Once switch (FS3) 63 64-127 Looper Undo switch (FS2) 65 0-63: Forward; 64-127: Reverse Looper Forward/Reverse switch (FS11) MIDI CC# Value Function 66 0-63: Full; 64-127: Half Looper Full/Half Speed switch (FS10) 67 0-63: Off; 64-127: On Looper block on/off (if available); also enters/exits Looper footswitch mode Additional Controls 0 0-7 Bank MSB 32 0-7 Bank LSB—Setlist select 64 64-127 Tap Tempo 68 0-127 Tuner screen on/off 69 0-7 Snapshot select 70 0-127 Additional global MIDI commands (reserved for future use) 71 0-127 72 0-127 73 0-127 74 0-127 75 0-127 76 0-127 128 0-63: Oh; 64-127: Nooo Helix achieves self-awareness and starts poking fun of that face you make during the solo
  4. Is there a way to jump right into stomp footswitch mode after selecting a preset? It seems that one must always press the FS6 after selecting the preset to get into stomp mode... Thank you, apologies if I'm missing something in the manual.
  5. Ilsenhab

    KMI softstep

    Sorry, and effects parameters / controller assignments too:-)
  6. Ilsenhab

    KMI softstep

    Can the KMI softstep be used to simultaneously: Set tap tempo Activate the tuner Control the Looper Turn effects blocks on and off Kind of like a satellite foot switch control board?
  7. Is it possible to program the Midi Moose, to do this: Button 1 - Tuner Button 2 - Tap Tempo Button 3 - Controller Assign Button 4 - Bypass Assign Button 5 - Bypass Assign Up - Preset/Snaphot Up Down - Preset/Snapshot Down I know there are Midi CCs in the Helix to control these, but I'm not sure if the Midi Moose is programmable to the point where each button would function that way, just straight CCs coming out of it for those specific functions. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi There, For situations where you're practicing at home with headphones/DAW, then you go to gig and plug into your amp? So you don't have to change all your presets/snapshots.... S
  9. Hi There, MIDI noob here… Can the select Scene Folder function be controlled via midi? I’d like to be able to scroll through 1-4. What would be the CC’s or Program changes? I know in the manual it tell you how to select scenes, but I want to simply scroll through the scene folders…. Thanks in advance.
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