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  1. I must concur. I have two G10's... used them both for years with no issues. I upgraded one to the new firmware and, now, I get maybe 10 minutes of playing out of it, and then it quits. Maybe it's not charging at all, anymore, but I'm sure not going to 'upgrade' my other one.
  2. I've got a relatively new Helix (bought about 2 months ago), and, lately, I've noticed that, after it has been left on for a couple of days, the scribble strips get stuck on what they're displaying (I've got the Helix set to use all of the switches as effects on/off switches, so the patch selections should only come up when I press Bank Up or Bank Down). Problem is, when I press Bank Up/Down, the strips don't change... they're stuck displaying the names of the effects. If I press one of the footswitches, the patch does change, but the scribble-strips never get updated... they're stuck at displaying the effects from the old patch. Restarting the Helix fixes it... for a couple of days. This running firmware 2.92, I believe (Helix Edit says I'm up-to-date). Has anybody else experienced this? Is there a known fix?
  3. That's unfortunate. When I was deciding between the Helix and the Headrush, it seemed that this was the one aspect where Headrush nailed it. Having a list of uniquely-named patches (in the same way that our computers have folders of uniquely-named files) where you then have setlists of subsets of those patches, ordered in a particular way, seems like the way of the future. Well, if any engineers from Line6 read this and consider implementing it, what would be extra cool would be if you could also sort by other characteristics of the patch (like how distorted the patch seems to be, or how heavy the modulation seems to be, etc.) That would be very handy when you're trying to find a good starter patch to build off of.
  4. Although I feel that the preset browser (when you press the "Preset" wheel and then use the hat switch on the right) makes it much more handy to find patches than on my old GT-3 (where you had to just step through the banks), it would be a lot more handy if there were a way to see the list sorted by name (sorting just one setlist would be an improvement, but it would be ideal to see a sorted list of all patches from all setlists). Is there a way to get a sorted view?
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