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  1. Hey it turns out playback though the head phones on the back of the pod is not monitored and much louder then the L/R outputs I normally use monitor speaker which allows me to balance it out. Thank for the reply loch
  2. Hey guys after a few years out from recording it seem I've forgot Some basic stuff. I'm using a pod hd300, Reaper daw, and superior drummer. My issue is when recording guitar tracks the monitored guitar is too loud (can't hear recorded the drum track) The only way to level the guitar to the same sound of the drums is to turn the ch/vol knob down but this lowers the volume on the recording track so much so the recorded guitar track can only just be heard. I'm using the headphone jack on the back of the pod......can't remember how I did it before.....could be that I used monitored speakers but I'm sure I've done it though the phones output before. The volume knob on the back of the pod works but nowhere near the amount I need for the guitar and drums to sound even whilst guitar recording track being able to reach near peak. Hope one of you guys/girls can help it would be much appreciated
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