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  1. So the problem i'm having is, when I switch the Helix to 8 snapshots, I can't get any of the foot switches to work with changing the amps channel. Currently I have the helix in 4 snap/stomp mode, and it works just fine as long as I have one of the "stomp" switches dedicated to selecting which channel I need on the amp.
  2. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I didn't find anything relatively up to date on the topic. I'm using my Helix LT in the 4CM with my Mark V:25. I'd like to use it set up for 8 snapshots so I could go from say, my clean sound with compression, chorus, and reverb, to a heavy rhythm sound which is just dry or with chorus/reverb or directly to a heavy lead sound with delay and or chorus. Simply, i'd like to press a single button and end up with the sound I want, instead of having to dedicate a foot-switch to channel switching then choose my appropriate snapshot for the sound i'm after. Is this possible? If so, any help would be appreciated. I'm only using the channel switching functions on the amp, and not the EQ switch, as I don't use the EQ for my clean sound. Cheers.
  3. Yes I had the cab sim's turned off. My cab may be the problem. Maybe my ears just don't like the Mesa black shadow speaker that's loaded into my 1x12. I'm considering trading it in for a mini recto 1x12 slant with the Vintage 30.
  4. So after first trying the Helix with a powered speaker and deciding that route wasn't for me, I picked up a power amp and cab to use it as a more traditional amp set up. The frustrating part about all this is that in the store when I first hooked it all up it sounded great. Now with it home I can't seem to make it sound good at all. Just going for a fairly simple metal tone. I had been using the Mark IV lead channel, but now for the life of me I can't get it to sound good. I've since tried about all of the hi-gain amp models but they all have the same cold, lifeless feeling. I've settled on using the Fireball model, but in order for it not to be a flubby mess I have to use an 808 in front of it on the usual max volume 0 gain setting. This introduces an unbearable amount of fizz to the top of my sound that I can't seem to eq out without muffling the tone overall. So i'm just wondering if there's any EQ tips or tricks that I might be unaware of? For the record, i'm using an ART SLA-1 power amp into a Mesa Thiele 1x12 cab with a C90 speaker. Guitar is a PRS S2 singlecut with EMG 57/66 pickups.
  5. Quick update... I picked up the Bogner Uberkab and ENGL Pro 412 IR's from 3 sigma, and I actually like both better than the Recto IR's I've been using. Something more pleasant about the high end and more midrange for sure, and still chunky without being as boomy.
  6. Hmm i'll pick this one up and give it a try. Never been a fan of Marshall's loaded with V30's but hey, ya never know.
  7. Watching this thread closely, as you seem to be having the same issues I am with FRFR/PA speakers.
  8. I've only tried the Mesa IR's from 3 sigma so far, myself. I have the OS recto and the traditional, and prefer the trad. I use the new "ACE" models they have and I like position 3 (cone/cap edge) in the "a" configuration, which is captured using a tube amp instead of the "b" variations that were done using a flat solid state. I plan on picking up a couple of the IR's that have V30's mixed with other speakers (Uberkab, Friedman's...) and one of the ENGL models just to test. Quick update - I tried using a parametric EQ at the end of my chain instead of the simple low/hi cut. Maybe it's just placebo effect but I find it to be a little more natural in it's roll off. I went from having the hi cut set to 4.9k to 6.3k, and the low from 130hz to 110 hz. Unfortunately my speaker seems to be VERY directional, so even a slight change of angle from the speaker gives me a very different tone. Right now I have it set to be an ice pick and take my head off if i'm right in the line of fire, but sound natural and pleasant if I set a few degrees off center.
  9. Yeah I probably should have stated that I pretty exclusively use the Cali IV Lead model. I'm a big time Mesa guy and having owned a 92' Mark IV rack mount I know what i'm looking for as far as sound. I also tend to lean more towards a darker tone in general, for whatever reason. Even on the real Mark IV I never pushed the 6600 slider up above the mid line, which goes against the typical V curve.
  10. Hmm some stuff to try out here for sure. Thanks for the tips, lads. For the record I have Ownhammer and Rosen Digital IR's as well. I definitely prefer the Ownhammer's for recording, they just didn't translate into an FRFR situation as well.
  11. Just curious where all my fellow high gain users generally set their high cuts when running FRFR (or PA speakers, or whatever you want to call them this week). Currently I use a Lo and Hi cut block set to 130hz and 5 or 4.9khz after the IR block, and in the IR block I have lo and hi cut set to 80hz and 14khz just to help again with sizzle and woof. 4.9khz seems extreme to me on the hi cut block, but if I don't go that low with the frequency, it sounds really really harsh and digital. I guess I just wanted to see if this is just me or if this is relatively normal. I know when I hook the helix up to my DAW through my interface (Apogee One) I never have to use that aggressive of a high cut, and just one around 14khz is generally enough to get rid of the high end sizzle and digital-ness. So, is it normal to be cutting around 5k through FRFR, I guess is my basic question? OH, quick edit, I'm running 3 sigma audio IR's. Specifically the traditional rectifier 4x12.
  12. So I'm about to pull the trigger on a great deal for a DT 25 head and cab, just a quick question before I do. Before I start, I play at home usually by myself just jamming over backing tracks or with a friend doing the same. I don't need a myriad of amp models and sounds. Literally a good clean and good heavy sound is all i'm looking for. I've owned a few great amps but I've never needed 50+ watts all tube at home, so unfortunately they've all been sold. (Still regret the Mark IV rack mount sale, though...) I do own a Helix LT which I use for recording, and I also have a decent FRFR solution for as well, I just prefer that "amp in the room" sound, and I don't enjoy messing with high and low cuts and other eq's to get it to sound more natural. I have played the DT before, and I love the "classic american" clean as well as the "modern high gain" voicings. I was wondering if anyone has experience using the DT25 and a Helix in a 4CM? I'm just looking to run a gate/OD/wah in front of the amp and a couple effects (modulation, delay, reverb and EQ) in the loop. I've read about certain amps having a lot of noise when used this way with the Helix, and was wondering if the DT 25 is one of them. Basically I just want to use the Helix for effects and channel switching, and use the DT 25 as a normal 2 channel amp. I realize i'm greatly under utilizing what this stuff is capable of this way, but I'm done with constantly tweaking and messing about. I just want to plug in and play. Cheers.
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