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  1. I downloaded Line 6 Monkey and got that virus alert message. Anyone had it too?
  2. Even though I would appreciate 25's portability, although the 49 is relatively portable enough, I hesitate buying the Key 25 because of the narrow range of keys. I am just beginning playing keyboard, so I'm not sure how much range the average keyboard player needs. I understand that the 25 has a button you can press to change octave, but it can give funny results especially if you finished pressing one key, change octaves, and the press the next note. The problem is that you will hear the previous note going up, something that would sound really bad. What do you think?
  3. Thank you, RealZap. So, I can't use the keyboard directly with RW, but I could make them work together with a software like Ableton Live via Rewire. This brings my next question: How exactly do you rewire Live with Riffworks? I've been sent multiple times to the RW that "explains" the rewiring. The last step tells you to rewire Live to RW, but it does not say how. In RW, what do I press exactly? In EZDrummer, I see "Rewire" with three gain buttons. I pressed Rewire, but nothing happens. I would have hoped it would show Live somewhere. I would be grateful to anyone to figure it out for me. Maybe the problem is that I have the demo version of Live?
  4. Can you record the keyboard's sound in Riffworks?
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