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  1. Thanks for your input and excellent suggestions. Yes, I'd been through the steps you mention as part of the trouble shooting process, and yes it happened with creating new, as well as editing existing presets. The good news is that after a couple of sessions attempting to discover what was causing the issue, it now seems to have cleared up, although I'm not sure what particular step cleared the problem! I suspect it was something to do with the pedals rather than the Helix. Maybe I had initially overlooked something during troubleshooting. Anyway, back to playing instead of tearing my hair out. Thanks again....
  2. System: Helix Rack + Control, Mission L6-H Exp Pedals. Issue: Just updated firmware to latest version (2.71?), and now noticing an issue whereby I can't save any preset, either via HX Edit or directly on the Rack unit, without first disconnecting the EXP Pedals. Makes no difference whether the pedals are assigned in the preset or not, if the pedals are connected I get an action timed out error. I'm sure it wasn't like this before? Any help gratefully received - I have a workaround but it's a faff to keep disconnecting + reconnecting the pedals. I've not had the Helix very long and still getting to grips with it, but liking it a lot :-)
  3. Just to update - I now have a Helix Rack, and have it plugged in to the FX loop return of my Vetta II. using an empty patch - no need for a dummy cable. Works like a dream. Loving the Helix but still like my Vetta too. It's beginning to show signs of old age though, it loads a random patch on start up and forgets what is the "favourite" patch. I guess it needs the internal battery changing...
  4. Thanks a lot, that's most helpful.
  5. Hi all, I'm interested in adding the Helix Rack/Control to my setup and would like like to use Helix Native within my DAW. If I buy a second hand Rack unit, can I still register it and therefore qualify for a discount on the price of the Helix Native? TIA
  6. Thanks everyone, most helpful :)
  7. Very happy Vetta 2 combo user for quite a number of years here. I'm considering incorporating the new Helix Rack into my recording setup, and using the Vetta 2 as a power amp for monitoring in the live room, whilst recording direct from the Helix. I'm confident that this can be done somehow, (perhaps using the FX loop?), but unsure of the best way to hook it up. Any tips?
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