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  1. I play in big bands and need to move frequently with my guitar and amp so I need a light jazz amp. All decent jazz amps are rather heavy (maybe you know some light one ?) that's why I consider buying the Spider V30 as I've been a fan of line6 modeling and effects and because it weights only 7.5 Kg 3 questions: 1/ Can I get a decent jazz tone out of the spider V30 ? any presets ? 2/ I didn't find any available V30. No stocks! delays are minimum 10 weeks ! any particular reason ? 3/ I'm considering buying the V30 with a FBV3 foot switch but I wonder what would be the difference if I go another way, that is, getting a multi effects foot switch (e.g. POD Go or any other) with another amp. - does that make any sense to have the spider V30 plus POD Go foot switch for example (given that most modeling and effects are present in both the spider and the POD) ? - If I go the multi effects foot switch way (e.g. Pod Go or Helix), then what amp should I get (light and 20/30 watts) ? thanks
  2. Hi, I'm buying the Spider V30 MKII but I have few questions about: 1/ What does MKII stand for ? What's the difference between Spider V30 and V30 MKII ? 2/ Spider V30 MKII is not much bigger than the Roland Mobile Cube I have now which has only 5 Watts power. Does the Spider really deliver 30 Watts? 3/ For now I can't find any available Spider V30 MKII. Delays go for few weeks. Is it a supply chain problem or is Line6 coming up with new (un)announced models ? 4/ Is it easy to change presets manually without foot switches for 2 or 3 presets? thanks a lot for your time
  3. Hi, I'm going to buy the Spider V30 amp that weights 7.3 Kg. I'd like to find a transport system for it but Line6 proposes only a cover. As an example I though of this one as the dimensions are all bigger than those of the amp): https://www.thomann.de/fr/ld_systems_road_jack_10_cover.htm However I'd prefer this could be complemented with strings in the back so I could also take it as a back bag (for example for stairs). Any idea for a product as close as possible to my requirements or that at least I can modify to fit my conditions (e.g. how could I attach two strings on the one above) ? (I hope the amp is robust enough to resist vibrations due to be pulled on a trolley)
  4. Hi, I'm using Line6 POD Farm2 plugin for my guitar with a bizarre interface where I can't see the levels for monitoring. The levels should light green orange and red depending on the input sound but they are all always at all those three colors on (see attached image please)! they don't move! What can be the problem ? (I'm on Windows XP 32bit, yes I know it's old) How can I contact Line 6 support by mail ? thanks
  5. Hi, I'm considering buying a Spider V20 or V30 but since we may be few persons to use it, I'd like to know if it is possible to backup all the personal settings, FX banks, etc. so that even if they have been modified by others I could still restore the amp settings and use it as no one touched it (preferably on a USB key) ? thanks
  6. Hi, I have a Line 6 UX2 sound card including the POD Farm2 software. I am very happy with it and made dozens of tones (.l6t files) with my favourite FX combinations. I am very used to the ease of use of the GUI on a computer as opposed to a floor multi-effects without any GUI. Now, I’d like to buy the POD HD500X floor multi-effects because I need it for live and also because it also has a GUI. I have a question before going for POD HD500X: Are Pod Farm2 effects compatible with POD HD500X and can I use my old .l6t files made on POD Farm2, on POD HD500X ? Thanks
  7. I had to go back to install the POD Farm 2.02 (checking the graphical behavior with each version I tried going down from 2.59, the latest to the 2.02) in order for the graphical interface to work well. That means the problem is the Line6 soft (and not Reaper), and that I can't have the latest POD Farm app. Why ? This is a line6 issue. How can I open a ticket with Line 6 ? However my drivers are now up to date (as shown by monkey). Hope there is no compatibility issue with the app.
  8. Hi, I use Reaper 3.73 and I'd like to avoid to upgrade Reaper if possible. But since I installed my POD Farm 2's latest application , I have a graphic problem when visualizing the POD FX window when called from inside Reaper (by clicking a track's FX button and choosing an instance of POD's FX). However, when used in standalone mode, that is without Reaper, the POD application on my Windows 7 x64, shows perfectly well its graphic interface. Any solution ? Should I install an older POD Farm 2 version ? which one ? Thanks
  9. I just tried although I'm not heard any windows sound issue being resolved. But after updating the monkey itself, the monkey says it can't connect to line 6 server to check for updates !!! any other way to install the POD drivers manually ?
  10. Hi, it just hangs randomly and becomes really annoying since I have to reboot the computer. Nothing else do it not even disconnecting and reconnecting USB cable. By doing this UX2 never comes up and keep flashing. Anyone experienced this problem ? Any fix ? Just to make things interesting, while the audio out of iTunes stops (even the iTunes song's cursor stops advancing), that is, no audio gets out of any windows app which seems to mean UX2 crashed, there is a case where I can have audio working properly when using Reaper (a DAW for recording/mixing) to output the sound to the UX2's ASIO driver. This is very strange because all sounds getting through ASIO driver are OK (I can hear any mp3 track or instrument through Reaper) but those from iTunes (or any audio player) getting through Windows sound subsystem (before getting through the UX2 which is the default Windows sound output) don't work! Any idea what's going on here ? If only iTunes were more intelligent to let us choose the right audio device instead of using the Windows' default sound, I could turnaround this problem. In that case I'd choose my on-board sound card for iTunes and not UX2. But now, since I MUST use UX2's ASIO for Reaper I have to set the UX2 as the Windows default otherwise I could not hear other windows apps' sounds (iTune, etc.) I'd just hear sounds playing through Reaper Thanks for your help
  11. Yes I have two floor-standing and two surround. When I play guitar (with UX2) or when I listen to PC's music I use stereo but for movies out of the PC I'd like all my 4 speakers to be used. If the SPDIF outputs what is coming from PC, then it should support multichannel dolby although UX2's input (guitar&mic) are all stereo. The info isn't in the manual. Where can I find it ?
  12. Hi, For now my PC is optically connected to my Amp (for movies and musics) but the UX2 (on the same PC) is analog-connected to my Amp. I switch to PC's SPDIF sound card as default PC sound for movies and music and I switch to UX2 sound card as default PC sound every time I want to use UX2 for playing guitar or mixing/recording. Of course each time I select UX2 or PC's SPDIF, I also have to switch to the right input in my amp. What I want to do is just use UX2 as default PC's sound card all the time, yet be able to play guitar and/or listen to Dolby sound out of the PC. That's stop switching between sound cards on the PC or input on my Amp!!! Is it possible ? thanks
  13. The Line 6 site is very confusing. I have UX2+Pod Farm2. UX2 let me record on PC (via USB) and I am very satisfied with Pod Farm2 sound software. I want equivalent quality of POD Farm2 sound (FX, modeling, etc.) to play live (probably in a hardware piece) and in the same time be able to connect it to my PC for recording. What product should I go for ?
  14. Thanks for the answer. I checked just now and it seems pod x3 live is no more sold. Is the POD HD Desktop replacing it ? Also I forgot to ask. My UX2 is actually also a USB sound card. Can I use HD500 or HD Desktop as such i.e. a PC sound interface ? Actually it is a must for me that it can be used as an audio interface. What do you suggest ?
  15. Hi, I'm currently using the POD Farm 2 on my PC and really like the sound, specially that I've built some interesting patches mixing different FX and modelings. I'm even able (and I tested it) to run it on a PC connected to my UX2 in live situation with very little latency, tweaking my DAW so I can set very small buffers. That is, I use my laptop as a guitar preamp pedal thanks to POD Farm2. Now, some think a laptop is too unreliable in live situation in a gig. Another problem is that I must predefine the moment I change an FX in advance (via DAW automation); that is no freedom as a hardware pream pedal. So I'm thinking to buy a HD500. A real piece of hardware but firtst I'd like to have some answers to my questions about compatibility between POD Farm 2 and HD500: 1/ Can I transfer my already built patches/FX from POD Farm2 to HD500 ? 2/ If no, can I re-build them inside HD500 as easily as in POD Farm2 ? (I know HD500 has some editing capabilities in PC). That is, are the HD500 FX/modelings better or of equal in quality than POD Farm 2 ? 3/ In the PC (POD Farm2) I have no limit on the number of FX/Patches I want to use in a song. How many can I use in HD500 ? Given that during a gig I may need multiple patches for a couple of songs, HD500 will surely lack enoungh bank to store all the patches. what can I do to use the banks more efficiently so they can be enough for a whole gig ? thanks
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