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  1. Interesting thing to try: Check out the KWB with everything on 10 except the Asymmetrical (which i personally keep on 0) Change both Push and Pull to Germanium and you get a more open sounding Fuzz Face that cleans up nice (especially in front of a JTM45) The gain range on the KWB between 8 and 10 can tailor the amount of fuzz to quite a nice gradient.
  2. Hello all! First post on here... A topic came up over on the Helix forum about using the footswitches to control differentiated states of amp parameters (I.E. toggling between two different drive levels etc.) Now, I know that there is no MIDI mapping on the POD HD side for internal controls of the amp parameters via MIDI, but you are capable of using CC commands to adjust the DT25 side of things... Is it possible to control the amp parameters via MIDI input while L6 link is connected via a separate MIDI cable? It's kind of the same theory that people are using on the Helix to control topology adjustments, only allowing the internals to be controlled due to the handshake that happens via L6 link. Anyone tried this?
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