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  1. I have your identical setup (hd500 + 333xl inf.) and I have a big problem about, squealing and feedback particularly in high volume situation try to start a new patch following this documents: http://jvmforum.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5333 http://amplifya.com/setting-up-your-tube-amp-with-a-pod-hd500/ I found an 'half' solution to all my problems. Not all problems but is a good starting point to begin. let me know if it helped
  2. Many thanks to all for the precious answers. So , if i understand correct I have to predilige a "balaced" solution connecting hd500 live-out (with an adapter obviously) to monitor line input or hd500 xlr to monitor mic input. Another question (sorry for that and for my poor english :)) i read from another post that the xlr signal is lower than unbalanced signal. Is this noticeable or it make difference only for few decibels? Using only a single xlr, NOT using stereo effects and panning in the mixer all in center, I think that I shouldn't loose anything regarding the patch sound. Is this correct? Thanks to all again.
  3. Hi to all, please, forgive me for my noobiness but i have a question. I have to connect my pod hd500 to a single stage monitor (ma150) but it has only two xlr input (line input & mic input). What's the best way to implement this connection: use a single xlr output ? use an adapter cable 1/4' to male xlr ? and have I to use exclusively line input or mic input is the same ? I have only mono patches so stereo is not needed. Thanks in advance to all for the attention.
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