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  1. in your previous messages, you told 2 times to use the 2 Line Ins now you tell me to use the line inputs on the back of the UX2 maybe a new change after that ?lol but , i suppose that the last answer was the good one
  2. I understand that i must have 2 guitar cables to plug them into the 2 instrument inputs i did not know they were made for the stereo ? are you sure ? because one is for the active pickups an the other one is for the passive pickups i record with USB with a D-Link which can have 7 usb cables
  3. there is an update of Apple : ) the problem is now fixed
  4. i have bought this pedal but i read that it's only great in stereo but i don't know how to do that you talked about the LINE INPUT 1 and 2 ? but it' s not for a guitar isn't it ?
  5. hi how to use the tc electronic mimiq in stereo with the LINE 6 UX2 ?
  6. the helix : is it a sound card or just a multi effects ?
  7. but i like very much and i know very well g band for all the midi files and the drummers which are so easy to program the drum fills are great the sounds are almost perfect i have all the sounds of synth, hors, choirs and all the effects all the layers, pads, gated reverb, multiple phaser, flanger it's really incredible : the choice is really huge and amazing for all the effects if you know Christine and the queens, her last song has some samples lollll drums and synth so funny lol i don't know reaper the only one i would like to have is Logic i think we must paid a lot for it
  8. hi with the years i noticed some problems with the UX2 some boring noises what they say is to remove the cable, to unplug it and to connect it again ok but can they create a new sound card which would be better ?
  9. Good ! but last time, the solution was a patch from Two Notes Toontrack is aware of the problem too
  10. all my parts with ez drummer did not exist anymore :( i can change them to g band drum presets and for the bass lines too : pod farm 2 so, just a question of volume TWO notes - Line 6 - Ez Drummer do not work anymore
  11. cool not to be alone ! i told them the same thing last year and it worked because i used the two notes engineering patch Two Notes created that and it worked well except after the last update which was made yesterday and today So, i can't create a song with pod farm 2 neither with the wall of sound which is a software created by Two Notes to use the cabinets now, i can't use it i did not use that but sometimes, i used the pod farm 2 no i can't use it anymore too so, i wrote to Line 6 and to TWO notes waiting for an answer they prefer that we do not use another software lol
  12. hi There is a problem between g band and pod farm 2 i played with Garage band 10.3.0 yesterday i made some updates of the software to have more sounds and drummers it worked well but after that, it said that "The audio unit "POD Farm 2" could not be loaded into your project and may need to be updated. Contact the manufacturer for an updated version or help. it said that the unit unit audio can not be used What can you do please ? Creating a new patch?
  13. it works but we need a real and good update from LINE6 and not a simple patch
  14. i had bought the g10 and i had the g30 +good guitar cables conclusion: the g10 sounded metallic /cold the g30 is very good except the metal part which is not solid at all very fragile so, the g10 > out of my room g30 is always here and i can use normal batteries or rechargeable batteries
  15. https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/sierra-mac-os-10-12-compatibility-information/ g band+pod farm 2= a problem so, Line 6 must create something more
  16. Line 6 : we need your help !! write to line 6 because pod farm 2 is not compatible with g band anymore with Mac OS high sierra https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/sierra-mac-os-10-12-compatibility-information/
  17. TwoNotes created a patch but it must be opened each time you use g band +pod farm 2 (inside g band > open the patch )
  18. hi i see Line 6 Updater here but i only download the updates with Line 6 Monkey is it good enough ?
  19. thanks ;) cool ! i will try this or i will come back to El Capitan because it was very cool without any problems (i had not Sierra, just High Sierra ) But, must we wait for an update from Line 6 or Apple ?
  20. hi i have just installed Mac OS high sierra and all was good but with the restart, it never came to the desk so, i retried just with the computer itself and all was ok So, i think the problem is LINE 6 pod farm 2 because with UX2, my sound card is good for the music : it works but there is a big problem with Garage Band " The audio unit "POD Farm 2" could not be loaded into your project and may need to be updated. Contact the manufacturer for an updated version or help." i have downloaded 2 things for Mac OS high sierra here but it does not work for Garage Band Have you the solution please? :huh:
  21. hi i would like to have more amps to use with the pod farm 2 but it's very expensive doesn't it ?
  22. the g 10 sounds like a metallic tone not enough trebles no warm tones the g 30 is perfect ;) and it sounds better than the g 10 except for the batteries very good cables g 10 vs good cables vs g 30 tested with garage band tested with a good amp with tubes and good clean and bluesy tone no, the g 10 was not good enough so i have kept the g30 the g 10 is coming back to the shop
  23. the g 30 is wonderful with a strat too: no hum ! and the sound is better than the g 10
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