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  1. Thanks for that, it's really quite simple when you know where to look. If I could bother you for one more, the tuner doesn't go on mute anymore, I guess that's in the pedal somewhere as well. I have a gig tomorrow night and you have given me a lot more control, thanks again
  2. Hi all, I recently updated the flash memory, new presets were interesting but on the display I only have the top line of controllers, foot controllers F5 to F8 change the banks, the bottom line of the display shows the banks A to D which means I can't turn off or on half of the effects. Any ideas how to rectify this?
  3. When I left it overnight, the saddle of the floyd rose had dropped below the body, and the neck was concave, then I adjusted the truss rod, andam waiting to see what happens. The sound is great, you can actually play the acoustic models which sounded really tinny and frankly terrible. I'll bedisappointed if I have to change the gauge, it really has made a difference to the sound. I don't know if Sean whatshisname did anything to the neck, he plays with 11s
  4. Changed to Elixir 10-52s, but the neck moves, even with the truss rod really screwed down
  5. I took out the bridge and replaced the screw with a longer one so the tremolo arm stays where you set it and has no wobble, works great
  6. Hi, the mixer keeps searching for a network, the airport is recognised by the ipad but states no internet connection, and the light on the airport keeps flashing yellow, I don't know whether that's normal but I'm guessing it isn't.
  7. Hi, the mixer, is searching for a network, the airport is recognised by the ipad, however the light onthe airport is flashing is yellow, I don't know if it's supposed to be green, the ipadhas a message saying there is nointernet connection, thanks for your help
  8. I have been battling to get a wifi connection which I finally advanced a little by buying the apple adaptor (2 others, not apple, did not work even though specified mac compatible), but the 1st generation airport express is not recognised, does 4th generation airport extreme work with ipad ios7 ? Getting extremely frustrated and breakingmy bank account at the same time
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