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  1. After connecting the monkey and doing all the updates (except variax workbench--I went with Workbench HD), I fired up my new variax and find that none of the alternate tunings sound good. It appears that dual tones are erroneously and arbitrarily produced. For example, in the 1/2-step lower tuning when I pluck an A# on the high E I get 2 tones, the A# (which sounds as an A natural) and a false tone (about 4 frets higher, if memory and ear serve). I believe it sounded bad even before the update, i.e. straight out of the box. So I have to play in normal tuning mode. However, most of the models distort too much when I dig in a bit with the pick, and overall I'm fairly unimpressed in the tones outside of this. Any ideas what's wrong? Is my guitar defective?
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