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  1. Thanks Gear Head. I was just about to post that is exactly what I just did. I remembered the hold D button V (down) and power on. I was able to keep the POD connection with an older version of Monkey and re flash (rolled it back to 2.2 and it's working fine now. I will have to contemplate another attempt at 2.6 update. For now I'll keep it where it is.
  2. I also opened a ticket for this issue several hours ago but no support response other than "we'll get back to you in the next 72 hours" I was actually excited about Helix hitting streets soon but if this "update" to my POD is any indication of the state of the product management team and the quality control, I will be staying away. I should have learned my lesson with my JTV purchase and the neck problems that it has despite being sent back and returned "fixed" nope.
  3. I just updated my POD HD500 with the latest firmware update and sub driver update. Now despite a successful update per Monkey, my POD keeps resetting/rebooting. It will connect to Monkey for a few seconds and then the connection is broken so I can't even try to reinstall. There's no way to reset to factory with the 500 without using Monkey so I'm dead in the water! Help! My POD is totally unusable!
  4. I have a JTV that had some problems when I got it home. Battery life, model selector and first string slipping out of the nut...frequently. I opened a ticket and had to ship it to line 6 for repair. I was told it got a new neck and setup, battery replaced ( although I was told the original was fine?!) and model selector switch fix (was told it was a common issue) When I play my first string even unamplified you can hear a ring or harmonic. When I lay my finger behind the nut ever so gently like I'm trying to create a harmonic it goes away. These are not inexpensive guitars and I continue to read about issues. The features the company advertises are desirable. Obviously many of us have purchased them because of what they promise. I wish the company would make the products they advertise deliver on the promise of function and quality.
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