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  1. Today I hooked my Shortboard MkII up to my Mac for the first time in a long time to do a quick edit and I discovered what appears to be a new software glitch between the board and Spider IV Edit. In Spider IV Edit I click on a preset (for instance 01A "Hey Joe") and I can hear the guitar playing as it should be, then after about 3 seconds I can watch the "CH VOL" rotate down to Zero and the asterisk appears next to preset to show it has been edited. I can manually dial the channel volume back up but about 3 seconds later it rotates back down to zero again. I deleted the preference file for Spider IV Edit without success. Has anyone seen this problem? The channel volume jumps to 0 regardless of wether I'm holding with the mouse or typing in a value. Is there hotkey for that knob that could be stuck? Thanks, Keith
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