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  1. Just got a replacement CAT 100 as the first one almost killed my FOH input in digital distortion. CH volume should be under 50 and still some digital distortion of the kind you REALLY dont want. Gain on mixer set to 0. The distortion does NOT come from the mixer but from the amp. I thought the first amp was broken somehow but this next one is the same. When I set the CH Vol below 50, I get so much noise that the amp is useless which is mu conclusion. Especially after 47 years of playing through all sorts of amps including a bunch of modelling amp... This look the best, but.... useless in a live setting if you want to use the XLR out. Through the amp itself there are no problems.... Welcome back my dear tube amps
  2. Just installed ver 3.00 on my Helix floorboard, but none of the amps, cabs or effects described in the documentation are there ? any suggestions why ? best regards Bruno Denmark
  3. HX Effects fail Did everything according to instructions, but the installation of 2.71 failed and blocked the HX Effects completely. Tried everything including manual update and factory reset - nothing worked. The error code is " -14" or "-28" and "DSP init" The worst is that it happened the day I got it and nobody seems to able to change the unit - so now its in for repair on week 2.... Amazing service....
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