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  1. I have finally gotten around to programming my Singular Sound MIDI Maestro to control my DT25 and give me footpedal access to all eight voicings. It involves two pages of six buttons. Page 1 is: 1 - Just a label (“Clean Amps”) 2 - Deluxe 3 - Tweed 4 - Turn to P2 and select the last dirty amp (Label says “Crunchy Amps”) 5 - Clean Plexi 6 - Clean lead (Deluxe set to “Stun”) Page 2 (accessed by stepping on Button 4) is 1 - Turn to P1 and select the last clean amp (“Clean Amps”) 2 - Mid-gain Plexi 3 - SLO Crunch 4 - Just a label (“Crunchy Amps”) 5 - Boosted JCM800 6 - Big hairy solo So the left-hand buttons select the amp channel, the other four buttons select the voicings. I kept it simple and did not send EQ or reverb with each voicing, but I have sent Gain/Channel Volume and Boost states to balance volumes across voicings, because the various amps have somewhat different outputs, and a Deluxe with everything on "10" is WAY(!!) too loud. After asking so many questions here, I thought I'd share some actual knowledge.
  2. Plus-1 on this. It's a bit buggy, but it is absolutely necessary if you want to really tweak your amps, control the boost, and turn off speaker emulation if that's something you want to do as well. Keep in mind, though, that no matter what amp etc. you assign to a given voicing, the knobs on the amp are WYSIWYG, so you'll have to find that happy place that works for all of your voicings under each channel.
  3. Just noticed the Pilot's Handbook (Rev. C, page 7) says CC77 is for Channel A Voicing, and CC114 is for Channel B voicing; However, the MIDI Guide (Page 2-5) says they are for Negative Feedback Loop Type (for Channel A and B). Which is correct? Thanks! Joe
  4. The PEDD is their VT Bass 200 with a different tone stack, which reinforces my conviction that any clean bass amp or keyboard amp makes an excellent monitor for a modeler, and both of those amp types will handle bass as well. This may be of interest to you, because it suggests that ANY good, clean bass or keyboard amp will work for you. You'll want one with a tweeter or mid-range driver for best results, but I know my Atomic sounds fantastic through my PJB Briefcase and my friend's Markbass (not sure the model), as well as through my PEDD. BTW, the PEDD is a bit bass-heavy, so it's not exactly FRFR, but the bass is manageable. I've used it live and loud.
  5. I gotta ask: Would I have gotten a different response if I had prefaced the question with, "Riddle me this!"? :) I will stay tuned. But if they happen to ask you, blood red. None of that wimpy orange-red, a proper blue-red with deep flame. Or quilt. Your call. Have a great day! Joe
  6. This brings up an interesting question, though: Should I reflash/update my older transmitters? I mean, if it ain't broke...
  7. Wait -- found it. Yes, the new G30s DO work in both modes. The old ones do not. Here's the thread on how to change the new ones. A couple of notes: When you first turn it on, the transmitter flashes its blue LED --- once for RF1, twice for RF2. When you change modes, the transmitter again flashes at you --- once for RF1, twice for RF2. The first time I did the change, my transmitter flashed both lights at me continuously, even after I turned the unit off and on again. To resolve that, I removed the batteries, restarted, and reset the RF mode. And that's what I learned through the magic of Search. :) Joe
  8. Just received a replacement G30 transmitter, and, on the bag, there was a warning about the new transmitter interfering with other L6 wireless devices because it is shipped in RF2 mode. It goes on to say that I should "...see your user manual...for instructions for switching devices between modes or upgrading RF1 devices." I can find no such information in the user manual accompanying my new transmitter or the web site, and I actually don't think the G30 Relays support RF2 at any rate. But I do have a couple of V75 mics -- all running on RF1 to accommodate my pre-existing G30 systems , so I need to know if I have an issue. MY QUESTION: Do I need to change the RF version on my Relay G30? If so, how do I do that? Thanks! Joe
  9. What Bat time was that? And what Bat channel? :)
  10. I realize you can't discuss your product roadmap publicly, but we're all friends here... :) So you can't even tell me if there is another Limited planned? That being the case, I renew my request for one. Ruby, please. Thanks for getting back to me! Joe
  11. (Just replying to set the "Notify" to "on")
  12. For the admins: I have a question: Is the Onyx still in production? For everyone who might know: When do the limited editions usually come out? I'm hoping for something in red... Joe
  13. Thanks! A "Ruby" limited would be nicer. My wallet is standing by. :) Joe
  14. The green was nice. The amethyst was very nice. The onyx is VERY nice. Know what would be amazing? A deep blood red over flame. Might I suggest that should be next? I've got a Variax 300 that I use every week: I stripped it, thicknessed it, and re-topped with a 3/8" piece of flame maple, a blood-orange burst dye, and tortoise binding with BWB purfling. I love it, but it's getting on in years. Time for a backup. I can sort of resist the Onyx, but blood red? I'd pre-order that TODAY. With black pickguard and pickups, please. Joe
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