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  1. Seems all the FRFR speakers are targeted at Guitar only & I am unable to find anything that will hit hard or go below 50hz or so for Bass for this portable option? Such a nice piece of Equipment with multiple options for Bass AND Guitar. But 0 ideal design as a FRFR Speaker to match for the Helix hardware capable of holding a good tone for myself & my Drummer to monitor on stage a bit most notably with the Bass Guitar. With the same portability as the Line 6 Power Cab. However, this "All in one portable" appeal only seems to be to the benefit I was most excited for when working in Reaper DAW using Headphones or Studio speakers. Seems I still need my Ampeg 8x10 Bass cab & seperate bulky Rack Power amp for Decent stage Monitoring of the bass Guitar sense its typically unsafe to crank bass into center wedges or Side Fills when FOH doesn't give us enough of the low-end feel were wanting on stage at some venues. Has anyone had or known anyone in a similar situation wanting more mobility & found a solution. So far in all my research the closest literature to what I think I am looking for is Power Engine Deuce Deluxe – Tech 21 NYC However, I can't even seem to find anywhere to try them. Even If I decided to grab a set & gamble with them Everywhere I seem to find them listed they are "out of stock" Why is this such a AMAZING "Guitar & Bass Pre Amp" without a Ideal FRFR speaker to Match all the simulated amps? Power Engine Deuce Deluxe – Tech 21 NYC
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