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  1. Okay ill give it a try, i got Windows7 lol. Thanks!
  2. How do you extract it, I have a zipped file/patch I want to put on my x3live but I need help doing the whole process. Tia
  3. I recently got a used pod X3 live and was wondering how to get his patches. I seen other forums where you have to download the patch and unzip and extract etc but it's very confusing to understand. I have line 6 monkey so should I get the x3live updated? If someone knows how to download his patch can you plz give me a detailed walk through?Don't know why it's so complicated compared to newer pods.
  4. Has anyone made any patches for this clean and dirty tone? Custom tone didn't seem to have any for this. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. i checked customtone before but didn't find much. Appreciate the help!
  6. Has anyone made a patch on the PODHD500X sorta similar to I surrender or From the inside out?
  7. Thanks for the vids! I was hoping someone had a patch already made or something similar to his clean tone. Thank you
  8. I'm contemplating upgrading, but can anyone point out to me the main upgrades or pros and cons of getting the hd500x compared to the hd500 ? Thanks!
  9. Has anyone made a patch that sounds like this? or anything that sounds close to a matchless or Divided by 13? Thanks
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