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    Helix Noise

    So if anybody is having this problem... my questions is do you have powerline networking adapters in your house? If so, go turn them off. It worked for me, changed the circuit the powerline adapter was in and problem solved!
  2. stubish

    Helix Noise

    Hi, Thanks for the feedback... I'm leaning towards dirty power in the house... it's old wiring... I'm going to make sure I plug the helix straight into a plug in the wall next. No time just yet. Also, i did check with a 1/4 inch. and yes it's there. No delay in the patch I'm working with so no luck there :)
  3. stubish

    Helix Noise

    Hi All, I'd like some help diagnosing noise on my Helix... it's coming out of the xlr output into a yamaha desktop mixer (generally the mixer is quiet). It is currently only happening at home, however my previous modeler didn't have this trouble (it's the main competition in a black box on the floor)... A few things to note, 1) it sounds like rapid clicking, if I boost mids on a bass amp at 3000hz it gets louder. 2) any guitar I have it remains (humbuckers, single coils, active bass) and it doesn't change with different pickups. It dissapears when I unplug a guitar. 3) at gigs it's completely silent. So I'm guessing it's some gremlin in my house, although why didn't it happen with the other unit then? 4) the signal seems to be super hot, even with the output set to Mic on the XLR. it's really easy to clip the input of the mixer... 5) combinations of where units (powered speaker, mixer, amp) are plugged into the walls don't change the condition. Any suggestions on how to proceed? What should I be looking for? suggested diagnostics procedures? Thanks! Stuart
  4. I recon they have sold enough that if there was a systemic problem, we would know about it! Loving it so far... only found one minor gripe and that is no ability to do multiple paralell path routes...
  5. This! Exactly this! It's the first thing I've found with the helix that's clearly inferior to my AX8...
  6. Thank you all, I posted the same on a much more prone to criticism than this one and I received only glowing reviews... I'm off to pick it up tonight.
  7. Hey all, about to pick up a Helix, it's over a year old so out of warranty. Can anybody speak to any reliability issues? The good thing is I've not seen any giant 'problem' threads... I guess this bodes well. Anything I'm missing?
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