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  1. I have the JTV59 and rolled back to 1.9 because I play with my fingers and was getting an intermittent 'clacking sound' when strumming or finger picking on the humbucker models. I talked about this previously on this site and tried all of the fixes suggested but nothing helped. Playing with a pick the HD models sound fine - but that's not my style. I felt like I was playing a totally different guitar. It was really frustratrating because IMO the Tele 2 and 4 positions and the Lester and Special are much improved on version HD. When I finally rolled back I fell in love with my guitar again. I prefer the 1.9 strat (especially positions 2 and 4) and the 335 model sounds more natural and 'woody'. The old acoustics sound clearer to me also. I guess that all-in-all Line 6 are giving us options based on individual style and preference. I applaud them for that.
  2. Thanks for your ideas. I use coated strings on my Taylor acoustics so I will try them on my JTV. Why would this problem only be happening on the HD version? Would tweaking the pick-up parameters on Workbench help? Would be a shame if this problem cannot be solved since the hollow Tele's and acoustics sound great!
  3. Since I loaded HD models onto my JTV59 I have noticed a 'quack-like' string noise when I strum the humbucker models (Lester, Special and 335) that was not evident on the 1.9 versions of these guitars. Has anyone else had this problem? How can I fix it? I strum with my fingers rather than with a pick. Thanks for your advise.
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