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  1. Thank you Sliverhead from an appreciative fellow Ontarion!
  2. Is there a separate procedure for updating Helix Native to 1.9? I've successfully updated Helix Floor to 2.9 following the instructions but Helix Native is still at 1.8. I don't see specific update information for Helix Native. The update procedure states that it is for Floor and Native. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Great review! I use patches from all of three patch builders for live use depending on what type of sound I’m looking for. Generally like you I find that Glenn’s clean patches are amazing and very organic. I use Fremen’s patches for higher gain sounds. Britt’s patches work well for that mid-range focus that cuts through the mix. His mid-gain patches are excellent. We are fortunate to have these three guys (and others) investing their time on creating great profiles for the Helix.
  4. I use the same bag for the Helix floor. Fits just right.
  5. This is exactly how I put my Helix into the backpack too. The Novation provides a good balance between protection and portability in my experience.
  6. Fremen. Glad that you are taking some time to recouperate. Your health is priority so don't rush it (your existing patches will keep us going for a years!). All the best.
  7. Fremen. In your updated big pack have you modified the settings for any of the the original patches in the pack? In other words since I already purchased the original big pack can I just download the free update? Thanks.
  8. I've been looking for a similar sound and found that using the Helix US Deluxe normal pre-amp with a third party IR did the trick. I recently bought some 3 Sigma IR's and found that their Fender 65 Twin IR opened up the sound and gave some clean high's w/o break-up compared to the built-in Deluxe cab. I haven't tried my Ownhammer IR's yet.
  9. You were correct! I have only used 5-6 of the IR's so it wasn't too much work matching them with the patches after updating the firmware. I will re-label them next time. As for the editor - Wow! It looks and works great. Keep up the good work Line 6.
  10. Thanks EdwinV. Worked perfectly without the Helix freezing. I have OS XEl Capitan 10.11.3.
  11. I am using a Mac OS El Capitan and have more than 90 IR's loaded into the Helix Impulse list. Is there a way to copy the complete list at once so that I can save prior to updating the firmware? Thanks
  12. I also thought it was expensive and so bought this one which was recommended on another thread. It's a similar back-pack with nice padding but half the price of the 'official' bag. So if you can live w/o the Line 6 logo check it out. http://www.amazon.co...s=p_89:Novation
  13. Thanks for the tip! I just got one and the Helix fits perfectly and plenty of pockets for accessories.
  14. I've found a way to get the preset now so no need to send. Awesome patch!
  15. Hi JazzInc. I am having trouble downloading your preset and IR files onto my Mac. Can you send them to me by email? dsylburt@gmail.com Thanks.
  16. Thanks Laminjimlp. I'll test it out and see. I've heard that the Kemper profiles are excellent. It would be great if Kemper patches could be loaded into the Helix. Does anyone know if they are compatible? I think it would be a great joint partnership........but I won't hold my breath!
  17. Thanks Jaminjimlp. I know how to use third party IR's with the Helix (I have used Ownhammer etc.). My question is that normally IR's relate to a cab and mic. Kemper is not a cab so what is a Kemper cab IR? No specific cab is indicated in the description.
  18. I notice that among the custom IR' s on the HelixDepot site is one for a Kemper cab. What exactly is this and how do I use it with Helix patches.
  19. I have had my Helix for about a month now. It is fabulous! I was thinking of investing in an FRFR speaker and realized that I had an AER 60 acoustic amp that is very clean sounding and has frequency specs of 20Hz-20kHz similar to the range of the FRFR speaker specs that many have mentioned in this thread. It is only 60 watts but the Helix sounds rich and realistic through it in my music room - better than through my desk-tops or through headphones. I turn off all EQ's and effects on the amp and use the gain and master for levels. I can input via the 1/4 inch or XLR inputs. For playing live I intend to connect the Helix through FOH so I think I can use my AER 60 as a personal monitor either behind or in front of me. I'm hoping that the patches that I make while monitoring through the AER will be close to what the audience hears FOH. Does this sound reasonable? I haven't tested the Helix through professional FRFR's but to my ears it rocks through the AER 60 amp.
  20. I bought my JTV59 the first year it came out and immediately had problems with the 3-way switch (this was a common problem on the early models). I do not gig but play at home most days. When using the mags I had to twist and toggle the switch to get the middle pick-up to work. I suffered this for a few weeks until the modelling stopped working so I returned the guitar to the dealer. The problems were fixed and the guitar was fine for a few years until this summer the toggle 3-way switch problem started again plus the input jack became temperamental and I would often have to fiddle with the cable to get a proper connection. Since the warranty had expired I decided to allow a guitar tech at a store in Markham, Ontario, Canada to take a look at it. He installed a new input jack ordered from LIne 6 and fixed wiring problems in the 3-way unit. It cost me $80. Since then the guitar has been fine. Apart from the issues cited above I love this guitar. The flexibility is excellent, the sounds are amazing and the playability great.
  21. I have exactly the same problem with the toggle switch on my JTV59. It was a problem with the first few production batches of the JTV59. I purchased it in 2010 and had to send it to back to Line 6 after a week to get it fixed and to re-set the model selector and alternative tuning. I hardly use the mags so I have not bothered about getting the switch repaired again especially since the 3-way switch works fine when the modelling is engaged. When did you purchase your guitar?
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