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  1. For the John F sound I found for the funky stuff using the Fender Delux amp model with a plain old Scream 808 to beef the gain and a LA compressor really does the trick, well with a Strat on neck pup it does any way - then again John F really does drive that classic strat sound that in my mind is hard to get without an actual strat
  2. Squeeky Pedal here too and the place i got it from is 3 hours away :(
  3. When I say whizz kids I mean fellow helix users (not line 6 themselves) I actually like the helix - I traded my rockerverb 50 and CB 2x12 cab in to get it and I prefer the frfr sound from the helix
  4. This seems like a good place for us to ask for certain patches to be created by the whizz kids..,, I have a few I'd like but can't quite get : Nuno Bettencourt Tom morello Rammstein (rank)
  5. Some real sweet set ups. I've had a few rehearsals with the Yamaha monitor now and at half volume it stands up to the loud drummer so pretty impressive and no tone colouring.
  6. Thanks guys - yup it works a treat - I had forgotten to allow all the inputs when setting up helix as the audio driver in reaper. Very impressed - the thing works like an 8 track. It'll be interesting to see what kind of tones I can get from my guitar when sharing the dsp with another guitarest and bass player . Interesting idea on the looper
  7. Hey guys question here . So me and my drummer buddy were playing with the helix yesterday and basically set it up so both my guitar and his electric drums came through the helix and recorded directly onto reaper, The question is, when you have two signals on the helix , so one for guitar then the drums in the fx send , when recording on reaper is there a way to have the drums and guitar go to separate recording paths on the recording interface instead of being on one combined path so that you can then eq the tracks separately ? On another note, it sounds impressive still but being able to relevel separately when mixing would be great. Here's what we did (just a soad cover to play around https://soundcloud.com/smoke-signals-765125715/soad-suite-pee-cover-drums-and-guitar
  8. Nice - yeah the l2t is my next choice . Think I may stick to the Yamaha though now - sound great when cranked up . I find they sound best on the floor angled up like monitors .
  9. My Yamaha DBR15 came - wow its miles apart from the Ironhearts. The sound is just so full and im getting that rehersal cranked sound but at room volume still. Far less feedback and the tones sound a lot more real. Sounds way better than my rocker50 and cb2x12 - ill post another piece of feedback when ive tried in at band practice on tuesday. Im blown away so far.
  10. Awesome feedback guys! Ill let you know the verdict on the new Yamaha tomorrow (comparing to the previous rig which was orange rockerverb 50 and 2x12 orange cb with V30s) even with the 200watt laney speaker the band seemed impressed with the new sound
  11. Let us know how it goes mate - be good to see how they hold up
  12. Orange rockerverb and thunder verbs !!!!
  13. Sorry about the typos by the way . *15 inch cone !
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