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  1. Yep, I'm on Mac OS Catalina as well. I've given up trying to update. Line6 support must be overwhelmed right now because they sent me some instructions for the full Helix (not Stomp) that don't apply, and I never heard back from them. But truly it's all the other issues people seem to be having with tap tempo, knobs not working, etc, and I'll just wait for 2.91...
  2. I'm having problems updating my HX Stomp. HX Edit gives me the error message seen here... There is no next button, and disconnecting/reconnecting the usb cable only interrupts HX Edit which won't resume. Hitting update makes HX Edit think it successfully updated my Stomp firmware, but absolutely nothing happens on the Stomp itself, and it stays on firmware 2.82. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks MusicLaw! I don't think I'll need the additional I/O of the Floor. I actually prefer the simpler I/O of the LT, and I would want the Helix LT to replace my entire rig for both electric and acoustic. The only effects I see myself needing for acoustic are compression, eq, delay, reverb, tremolo, and a looper and possibly some custom IRs that capture a more natural acoustic sound. I should have plenty of space in the second signal path for those effects, unless I am thinking about it incorrectly.
  4. I'm interested in purchasing a Helix LT, but I need to know if I can hook up multiple guitars to it at once. I know the regular Helix has an aux in to allow for this. I would want to hook both an electric guitar and acoustic guitar up to the Helix LT and switch between both live without having to hook up an a/b box. Will either of the 2 fx returns allow me to do this? Thanks to anyone who can help me get an answer for this!
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