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  1. Hello, I'm trying to learn the solo from the song "Clean my wounds" by Corrosion of Conformity. Its a 2 part harmony and I'm trying to set it up on my HD500. Any suggestions? Thanks, Heath
  2. Hello, Is it possible to run my hd500 in to my digidesign Mbox2 and record directly? Is there a tutorial on how to do this? I'm running win7 pro. 64bit. Thanks Heath
  3. Is it even possible to run separate signals to each cab using the hd500?
  4. http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.metalguitarist.org/forum/attachments/amps-gear-sale-trade-wanted/7932d1339120913-carvin-dcm1000-stereo-power-amp-0605121847.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.metalguitarist.org/forum/amps-gear-sale-trade-wanted/45030-carvin-dcm1000-stereo-power-amp.html&h=960&w=1280&sz=204&tbnid=TjtjoNagT7W1jM:&tbnh=91&tbnw=121&zoom=1&usg=__lPyuK9XYYk29kFX2r_CMfTPKPyA=&docid=GrTPWvP-tTGSIM&sa=X&ei=WY1kUrO3MaGqyAHmxYHICw&ved=0CE0Q9QEwAw This is the amp im using. http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.metalguitarist.org/forum/attachments/amps-gear-sale-trade-wanted/7931d1339120913-carvin-dcm1000-stereo-power-amp-0605121845.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.metalguitarist.org/forum/amps-gear-sale-trade-wanted/45030-carvin-dcm1000-stereo-power-amp.html&h=960&w=1280&sz=182&tbnid=iteqBh4SPNkDGM:&tbnh=94&tbnw=125&zoom=1&usg=__oyNLCsHV8-HDybAzNMuDcDQ-aew=&docid=GrTPWvP-tTGSIM&sa=X&ei=WY1kUrO3MaGqyAHmxYHICw&ved=0CE8Q9QEwBA
  5. Just check. Inputs I have set to guitar + same. I'm running 2 xlr cables to the power amp. Then 2 mono cables to the cabs. I assumed I would be able to run a modeled amp out one cab and a differ out of the other. Can't seem to figure this out.
  6. Hello, I have a POD HD500 that I'm attemping to run through a carvin dcm 1000w power amp into 2 line 6 4x12 cabs. For some reason one cab sounds louder than the other. My question is this. Is there any settings in the hd500 that need to be change in order to run this set up? I would like to run it in stereo so I can have one modeled amp in one cab and a different on in the other. Doing the rotary effect would be sweet also. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Heath
  7. That is a nice case. I guess I should have been more specific. I'm looking for a hard case where I can take the top off and use the hd500 without having to remove the unit from the case. I think they refer to it as a road case. Just having trouble finding one. Thx man !
  8. Hello, I'm looking to purchase a hard case for my HD500. I can't seem to find any on the guitar center or musicians friend web site. Any suggestions for something that will work? Thanks, Heath
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