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  1. Thanks all, I tried the pattern tremolo, and it covered the sound well with sixteenth notes selected. Sounds great!
  2. As I read about the RV5 and reverb in general, I realize it's not the reverb that makes the pulsations at 1:08, but his tremolo setting. I think I will play around with that to see if I can cover the sound. Anybody have a preset that sounds like this? Willing to upload it and give me the name to download?
  3. Hey--I lurk a lot but this is my first ask: I'm trying to cover Jeffrey Kunde's tone on "Fire Never Sleeps". Here is his YouTube tutorial link: He says he uses a Boss RV5 on "modulate" mode. Do any of the POD HD500X reverb models cover this mode? I tried every type, and while the particle verb is awesome, it doesn't allow me to achieve the strong pulsation sound Jeffrey gets in the first part of the tutorial with his volume swells. Thanks!
  4. Thanks guys! I got them from Full Compass for $1.12 each. I also got an OEM JVT DVI replacement cord for $30 instead of $40 from the line 6 store. Now to do a little surgery on the POD...
  5. Thanks man--I watched the video and took my pod apart. I found the up and tap buttons are worn out and need replacing. The internal spring in the switch is broken on the up button and touchy but functional on the tap. The rest are fine. Where do I find replacement switches? I can solder them in no problem, just need to get my hands on a couple... Thanks again.
  6. I have a 2 year old POD HD 500 that I love, but lately it has been misfiring: intermittently, usually when I stomp a new preset, the LCD screen will show that I am moving through the ranks or rows (i.e. rows 1-16) as if I were stomping the up or down button, but I'm not touching it. Sometimes I can arrest it, but it's very disconcerting when I need to hit my next preset. I use the pod with a JTV-69 Variax which has also had occasional issues, but it's working fine now. I am up to date on firmware, drivers, etc via line 6 monkey. Is this something I can trouble shoot at home, or is this something that needs to be sent in?
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