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  1. It was properly re-assembled. The sleeves over the springs (shrink wraps) do not impede the springs in any way, and Line 6 actually used to install them on early versions of the JTV-69, anyway. I think the springs themselves might be worn, that's why I posted this - to see if anyone else had experienced the problem, and maybe recommended after-market (more durable) springs, etc. Larry
  2. Every time I change strings on my JTV-69, the entire tremolo assembly pops out, causing me to open up the back panel, re-insert the spring/s that has/have managed to work free, before continuing with the re-stringing. I think it is the tremolo spring design, but it could also be the design of 2-pin anchor for the trem assembly on the top of the guitar. Once the spring pops off, it takes a lot of manhandling to get the whole system in place again.I admit that I did install heat-shrink material on my springs (to control ghost notes through the sensors), but the heatshrink is not tight, and is not inhibiting the springs in any way. I've owned lots of strats with similar trem setups, and never experienced this problem. Anyone else experienced this? Any fixes out there I can try? Many thanks, Larry
  3. Does anyone in the rumor mill know about the projected release date of JTV firmware, v2.0? With the old forum gone, so is that thread.
  4. Maybe I'll get shot for this, but the old ones (pre JTV) just look weird to me. To an audience, they are patently "modeled", since there are no visible pickups. The JTV looks more like a guitar, which somewhat completes the illusion. I never use the mag pups on my JTV-69, but to the uninitiated, it looks (and sounds) real, mostly.
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