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  1. Just to circle back round and provide a solution to my issue: I tried all of the following... - Restoring to factory settings and reinstalling latest firmware again - Trying different headphones and monitors - Trying different cables - Trying various different outputs, impedences, settings on the models itself... all no joy. Solution? New instrument cable. I had tried two different cables initially, but the same problem presented on both - I guess the shielding must be going on both of the originals. I hadn't noticed it on my acoustic guitars, or HD500X, or just assumed it was a quirk of the patches. My advice here - look for the obvious answers before going nuts on the complex ones!
  2. Hi Phil It's not a standard amp / white noise hiss, nor is it the buzz that my old HD500X used to suffer from when plugged into the computer. The best way I can describe it is a sort of crackly soft clipping sound. It is present whilst not playing - worse when gain stages are higher, as expected - but also it gets worse when i'm playing notes, and tracks with the notes I play... although it is masked by the guitar sound itself. The reason I thought it similar to the OP problem is that - again - it's worse with higher gain stages, but disappears (only when not playing) with a gate. It also occurs through all outputs - headphones, 1/4" etc - so I wondered if the root of the problem was the same. If so, i'd take a potential solution over no solution!
  3. Sorry for the late response to this thread - i've experienced a similar issue. Very slight 'fuzziness' around any - ANY - sound I use. Tried different guitars, cables, power sockets, headphones, studio monitors, all the same issue. So... boot up Helix, select a patch, turn up the volume and there it is: with or without playing. When I do play a note, it lifts a little, and you can hear it on the decay. Interestingly, if I gate the patch, the 'background fuzziness' disappears, though I still experience the same issue when playing a note. Adjusting the input-z downwards helps reduce it, although that clearly fiddles with the tone as well, and doesn't entirely remove it. It's been driving me bonkers as well because I can't get a properly clean clean sound without it there! Not so much of an issue when playing strong, high volume stuff, especially if there's some overdrive on it, as it tends to get masked. Suggests software / modelling issue to me rather than any specific patch or an issue with my kit. Has anyone else found a solution? I haven't tried a factory reset yet...
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