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  1. Thanks, Did both, headed home to call them now.
  2. From what I have seen this issues seems to only affect people going from 2.12. I was told by a L6 rep to go to 2.3 first then to 2.5 but I can't unbrick to do that.
  3. Did you go straight from 2.12? I am speaking with a L6 Rep in a FB group and he reported the issue to engineering and is waiting to hear back. In the meantime he suggested to call support and they would help us out. I am not home from work till later, so I would advise doing that and post back here with the results after.
  4. Yup I tried leaving updater running while doing all the resets and it never showed up. Tried it on two computers as well.
  5. they are closed, and I have to work, I feel like puking this is so aggravating.
  6. yup tried them all nothing works, you hold them down until it enters the mode correct?
  7. It is the LT I tried that, from what I read it was 11 + 12, every combo ive tried puts me back at that screen :(
  8. Any answer from support? I am having the same issue.
  9. Unfortunately its bricked. The animation froze and every time I cycle it, it goes right back there. I tried all the boot combos with the foot switches and none of them are recognized. This is extremely disappointing. I literally just opened it.
  10. I opened a ticket but they have a 3 day response? Glad I don't need it before then :/.
  11. looks like the firmware made it to the unit, reboot itself to install and now is stuck, how long does it normally take?
  12. I just turned on my helix lt for the first time and ran line 6 update to install 2.52. It downloaded and ran and the helix seems to be stuck on "Updating UI MCU Firmware, please wait. Do not power off the unit!" for the last 20 minutes, it looks like its frozen :/
  13. btw I have been using an 1/8 cable from the headphone hack to the cd input on the pod, just an extra wire.
  14. Same problem, anyone contact Line 6 about this yet?
  15. thanks that guide was amazing. From what I am reading it sounds like I am clipping cuz i have the master knob low and all my other volumes are maxed. I am going to go play around with it in a bit and post my findings.
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