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  1. Hi Line6, The Spider V 240 is great. It would be awesome, if the 2 different speakers could be programmed with 2 different cabinet modellings, in order to get a mixed cab. Is there a chance to develop this? Best regards Andee
  2. I just bought the Mooer Radar. Great little IR (Impulse Response) Manager. I wish LINE6 could incorporate this capabiltiy in the next update - long time since the last .... IRs give unmeasurable benefits to the tone which I never could achiev with the onboard means of the Firehakw. Neither EQ nor Cab-Simulation..... PLEASE incorporate IR in next update !!!
  3. I propose to make the noisegate shiftable. Specially the ability to shift AFTER the effectsblock in order to cancel hums of extreme distortion pedals
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