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  1. This is Jody with PedalSnake...somebody just told me about this thread, so I figured I'd weigh in...a bit late...sorry 1. PedalSnake will not suck tone if our guidelines are followed for using a proper buffered pedal. All true-bypass is not a good practice for anyone, really, PedalSnake or not. It is also true that PedalSnake's higher capacitance lines are the quietest connection you can have when driven by a buffered pedal. 2. All cables are microphonic to some degree (handling noise), but it is usually not enough to notice. However, if you have any gear putting out DC onto a cable (not good), then PedalSnake can be a bit more microphonic than a traditional cable. In a way, this is telling you sooner that your gear is not operating properly. Otherwise, there should be no handling noise from PedalSnake. 3. There is almost never any problem running power beside audio. This is a myth, started because it CAN happen with lamp cord carrying high currents. But with good grounded AC cords carrying small current to pedals and such, no problem. PedalSnake is especially well shielded in this regard. 4. PedalSnake is plug n play, so there are detachable ends (Pigtails). The interface is a sturdy 5pin DIN plug (like MIDI), with very few failures over 10+ years. Building or investing in any guitar snake that does not modify easily is asking for headaches down the road. Rigs tend to change often, and when it happens, PedalSnake users are SO thankful they have detachable ends.
  2. Hey Dave, you shouldn't get tone suck or handling noise with PedalSnake. If yours is old, it may have a broken shield or something. Or sometimes an old preamp tube can be going microphonic, and this could show up more with PedalSnake than other cables. Different cables with different impedances will respond differently to this.
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