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  1. I have this issues every day, also with my old hd500 and podxt. But I had to say even with tu be amps and other pedal boards. When I try them in shops work amazingly, at home nothing the same. I also changed home but not town. I really start thinking there's something wrong in the air(I live in Italy). I really frustrated, this condition signed my guitarist life. My musician friends noticed these problems many times, it is unbelievable but there is no way to solve.
  2. Ok, thanx to all, I appreciated your help but I understood I'm the only one with a sound problem and I found my trick to partially solved it. I close the topic, I don't want to bother anyone. I hope next updates will help me to fix it completely.
  3. Thank you for your replay. But I want to highlight an aspect, what I asked you all is simply and gently to try the procedure to experience what I experienced before starting a discussion, to be sure to start everyone form the same point. You could be right in what you say but, because of is very unusual situation, also no. Obviously I'm not sure about what I did and I don't want to force my opinions, for sure. Really thank you for the patience.
  4. Thank you for the replay. For me in that situation the AMP+CAB works as it really should, for my experience using the channel volume everything become unusable. In truth, what I would like to know is if you all will obtain the same result, as I quote "So, let me know your experience, to understand if I found something very useful or it's only a dead end." With regard to the gain blocks you are right.
  5. Firmware: v2.71.0, but I think non only OS: Windows 7 Global Settings: factory defaults (Helix with a complete factory restore) Bug: Suspected malfunctioning of the Channel Volume, introducing unwanted parallel distortion. (Step by step description of how to reproduce bug) A little introduction is necessary before the description of the problem, the following steps should demonstrate not the problem but a trick to solve it partially an temporarily. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: DURING THE PROCEDURE, PAY ATTENTION MANAGING THE VOLUMES LEVELS, WRONG SETTINGS CAN DAMAGE YOUR HEARING!!!!!!! BE CAREFUL Create a completely new preset; Add a AMP+CAB block (one you really know well how it works, one you use very often, better if you start with a distorted one); Set the CHANNEL VOLUME parameter at 0 Add at least 2 stereo GAIN blocks after the AMP+CAB, each one settled at +12db; Set the output level of the OUTPUT block to comfortable level for you (I used +20 db); Play with the AMP+CAB varying the parameters at your taste. After this, first of all is very important you understand if the chosen amplifier is working really so much better than ever, for me certainly, otherwise it could not be a bug forwardable to Line 6. As rebuttal do the following steps: Disable the two gain blocks; Rise very carefully the CHANNEL VOLUME continuing to play. Finally I want to say, only to know I'm not a newbie, that: I have a very big experience with Line 6 product; I have been playing for 35 years; I had a multitude of different amplifiers and multi-effects in the past; I have a large knowledge of musical instruments and surroundings. So, let me know your experience, to understand if I found something very useful or it's only a dead end. Personal note: I have the suspect that CHANNEL VOLUME is working in parallel for the processed and unprocessed CAB block signal, so in fact lowering at 0 the parameter you reduce at minimum the unprocessed signal intervention. I'm very interested in your opinions so be free to comment.
  6. No one, no one, no one can't answer 'couse I am riiiight :angry:
  7. Intresting!! No replay at all, what does it means? Am I Right? Now I'm living in a nuclear power plant with all my cables, VDI, POD, SOB SOB SOB :mellow: :mellow: :mellow:
  8. And then....We lost functionalities like setting a different tuning, do you still think it is correct?
  9. Line 6 doesn't mention the argument selling HD500X, do you think this is correct?!! I don't think it is. My Variax 700 cost 1400Euro, It is absolutely not correct.
  10. I can't believe I payed 1.400 Euro to buy a guitar with great capabilities and after spending for a POX XT Live and PRO (not working so well at all), now that I bought a HD500X, I can't edit my Variax 700 if I don't spent still some money. Are you joking? My HD500X will cost 100euro(VDI) more than what I payed for using it with my Variax, this is absolutely dishonest. I have chosen HD500X by Line 6 instead other manufacturers just for being able to use my Variax, that now I can resell only for 1/3 of the original price. ABSURD!!!! Really thanx
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