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  1. I appreciate all the thoughtful comments on this topic so far. All points stated so far are valid considerations. I'll delve a bit deeper as to why I think this would potentially be an exciting proposition. - Playing live with a Helix vs. recording with a Helix are completely different animals. What works great in a recording situation may not always work in a live mix. Stealing some ideas from a pro that has already toured with a particular setup can be a super helpful time saver. (At the very least as a starting point) - 2nd session players like Pete are often hired for tours and recording because they are able to produce the right tones at the right time. The palate he'd produce for something like the Helix would be at the very least interesting to observe. I'm sure there'd be some cool ideas we can borrow. [e.g. Effects mixes and settings. etc.] In the end, if a 1ST generation SPIDER can have celebrity presets, why can't a super powerful unit like the Helix have them too? Personally, I've finally gotten to the point where my Helix sounds pretty good to my ears and the band is loving it. Call me nuts but our band live recordings (via our Presonus digital board) actually have the 2 guitars sounding clearer than when we mic'dup 4x12 cabs. LOL
  2. I'm loving my Helix for live use and recording. To bring this powerful unit over the top I think LINE 6 should petition/hire Pete Thorn to create and share his presets for the HELIX. I recently watched a Pete Thorn video where he set up a Helix to act as a backup should his amp setup run into technical issues. Given this musician's talent for creating tones, I would imagine these to be VERY realistic sounding patches. In addition, I participated in a chat where Pete himself said he would be game for creating something for Line 6 :-) What do you think Line 6/Helix users?
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