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  1. Podfarm 2.59 (basic) works for me on mac with a claret 2 pre thunderbolt. Haven't tried recording with it, but opening the program works, with integrated and attached mic's.
  2. n00b question. I just bought the XD75 receiver and mic this year (cardioid). Like this (https://www.thomann.de/be/line6_xdv75.htm) This capsule costs over a 100 usd.... there is also a set with both the mic unit and the capsule.... is the mic unit the same as the original XD75? So if I would just buy the capsule, would I get the same as this https://www.bax-shop.be/nl/draadloze-handheld-microfoons/line-6-v75-hhtx-draadloze-handheld-zender of this https://www.amazon.com/Line-V75-SC-Wireless-Microphone-System/dp/B00DGLZVPE ? Is the rest the same? Only the capsule is different? or is there a different unit to screw it onto as well? Thanks in advance!
  3. Cell phones, especially iphones do put out a signal for a short range "to be discoverd", to have a good wifi signal you need to at least have an RSSI of -67 (some say 69 -beautiful number-, but I keep to 67). Iphones take that down to -72 in close range if you're already on the edge, which you shouldn't be because you are on stage and your receive is within 10 mdoeof you, very rarely 20 if it's the biggest of stages... but even then, respectfully, your statement does not make sense... since line 6 uses the same 2,4 ghz wifi tech up to 14 channels (11 or them are legal in europe so you could theoretically fix your channel to 14 and there will be NO possibility of interference wha so ever, since EU wifi equipment only goes up to 12, and we can't even use 12) it used it's own encryption, it can't be discovered by other networks, as far as wifi scanning unit it doesnt' exist.... you might see a line (mux) but you won't be able to identify it. That being said.... other line 6 devices WILL interfear, and they made a problem out of this by not having sepperate groups of devices as say, guitar wireless systems using a different strain of encryption or identification.... it interferes with my reception unit. Also that being said, I've gigged with mine numerous times, and yes, I also suffered dropouts... I wanted to shell out for a UHF mic but you just never know when they are going to take the available frequentie away in any given country, even if you buy the most widely equipped frequentie range mic that will cost you 700 up to 1500 usd, they can lollipop you up tomorrow so the "more and more unreliable 2,4 ghz" is your only choice left to even have the most remotely safe solution. Such a pitty they never thought of going 5.1 ghz... now that 5 ghz wifi is out with over 120 channels to choose from it should almost be idiot proof, make it 5.1 specifically for musical gear and every problem is solved... after all these years I still can't understand why that has not happened yet.
  4. I'm using this mic and setup https://www.musicstore.com/nl_BE/EUR/Line-6-XD-V75HH-Handzender-systeem-2-4-GHz/art-PAH0012010-000 and had lots of drop-outs at my last gig... I mean LOOOOTS.... In europe we mostly only use 11 channels in 2,4 ghz, all routers only go to 13. channels 1, 6 and 11 do not overlap. So at first I thought "let's use channel 14 in RF2 mode then, nobody uses that channel so it should be interference free", but it's not exactly legal (or only used in japan). So yeah, I thought setting both mic and receiver to channel 14 in RF2 mode would fix all interference, since that channel is free in europe and this unit is one of the very very few that actually even has the option to do that. Then I read about the differences between RF1 and 2 so I switched to RF1 and just fixed it to channel 11. No idea where the dropouts came from, I set the receiver on a table that was right in front of the stage (well actually next to the stage prolonged, the stage soundguy was there, like an L shape, so the receiver was "looking" at me in a 30° angle when I was on stage and in a straight line when I walked among to audience to another 30° angle at it's deepest point in the audience). So I was thinking of also buying the directional antenna's. Is there any reason why I should buy https://www.thomann.de/be/line6_p180.htm P180 instead of P 360 https://www.thomann.de/be/line6_p360.htm ? Also, how can UHF antenna's help with 2,4 ghz transmitters? Are the cables supplied with the units? How are they best placed? I suppose you switch them instead of the antenna's (or do you place them extra on the other connections?) and place one left and right of the stage at about 2 m height? Sorry for being a noob in all this... I actually know quite a lot about wifi and wifi tech and about mic's and their characteristics but in this case I'm a bit baffled.... especially because I hardly understand what these "amplifiers" do since "amplifying" a wifi signal is technically hardly possible. Also I wonder.... has there never been a super cardoid version released? I just bought this unit about 3 weeks ago, I couldn't find any updated product anywhere though I would swear I read about it's existence on some line 6 webpage or advert.
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