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  1. RF1 is the ONLY mode I'd use the Line6 in RF2 is asking for trouble... The Shure QLX has been flawless and yes its digital but it is not 2.4. Its UHF only it sends data and not audio so you get the same quality compander free wireless signal youd get with the Line6. NO DROPOUTS!
  2. Thanks AGAIN Line 6... for reals... Had a chance to sing a few songs at a special event... Set up my mic side stage as I pretty much always do... transmitter set to RF 1 .. Scanned for a clear channel and used it... First song, no problems... Second song... 6 countem, SIX !!! Dropouts during the most important song of the night... I figured out why... I was handed my cell phone so I could read a bible verse from an app, I put it away in my inside pocket of my jacket I was wearing... SO... I can't rely on my wireless of my phone is in my pocket ? No thanks.... I'm not even going to use these anymore for backups... completely DONE !!! Anyone looking for a good deal on these, They can check out ebay, I'll be liquidating them at this point... I also have a ton of apology notes to write to all the people I've convinced to buy these.... I LOVE the sound of these mics... but at this stage in my music career.. RELIABILITY trumps Sound Quality any day...
  3. Kevell99 , These have been virtually bulletproof for me, I mean drop outs were RARE... SUPER DUPER rare.... but lately, they are more frequent... I've also become a quasi expert in understanding how wireless stuff works, understanding Line of Sight, I scan for open channels regularly before anything, you name it.. I do it ! Tonight I used my Line6 at a church event I sang at... mic dropped out 6 times on me.. SIX... TIMES..... No.. That is unacceptable... I love the clarity of these transmitrers, they are great ! but with the dropouts becoming more and more frequent, I think I just lost ALL confidence in these systems... I think its time to sell the ones I have and move on.... Sad because I believe these could be improved upon... I also think these would be great if they simply switched them to UHF or VHF with the same concepts in mind... I think 2.4 WAS a great idea, but its just crowded and not worth the hassle anymore in my opinion
  4. What kind of mixer are you using? is it digital? This sounds like you have a compressor or gate kicking in at times... check your channel settings on the mixer... I doubt its the microphone . Sounds like you might have the attack or release set very low. This can happen with a lot of different compressors
  5. I have been a HUGE supporter of Line 6 XD-V wireless microphones for the last 4 years... I owned at one point about 12 units some V35 , some V70/75's and there is no denying that these microphones sound amazing and certainly were revolutionary upon their announcement at NAMM some years ago... WIth that said... I have been finding these microphones to be more and more finicky and less reliable as far as signal... These have been BULLETPROOF for me for years and in SOME environments.. and that is being less and less... I highly dislike how the newer guitar units that Line 6 makes are NOT switchable to RF 1 ... they come in, and stay in RF2... making it an issue when used on stage along side an XD-V75 that is in RF 1... I also dislike how I use a Heil RC35 capsule and I get a low volume, high pitched whine in the signal.... I've tried multiple capsules on different handhelds and its still an issue even though the severity changes... This does not happen on other brands wireless transmitters... I have dealt with this since I have been able to deal with it as it is not noticable when music is going and the Heil capsule is head and shoulders better than many I've used... Most recently had my first show with my new band and new original songs... I had my P180 paddles out ( which are getting annoying to set up every show ) and we got to the big moment of the first song in our set and BOOM... mic dropout... totally ruined the song and moment for me... it was a long dropout, like 6 seconds... I have decided to sell of most of my extra units and keep 2 of my Line 6 units to use at church, but for my main rig, when I need to rely on my wireless mic... I'm going to a Shure QLX-D ... I wish Line 6 would just announce that they are abandoning this unit and discontinue it already... clearly things are different since Yamaha bought them out and guys like Don Boomer left the company.. the writing is on the wall... and with the UHF spectrums getting smaller and Digital mixers and other wireless systems using 2.4ghz, I'd highly suggest many of you do likewise and go in another direction... These mics are great in the right circumstances... but if you are going to be playing big rooms with lots of people, stages with 1-3 other bands and their gear etc. I'd advise against these as far as reliability... if you can deal with a drop out... My IEM systems are Sennheiser UHF and I have never once at all had a dropout.. never ever ever.... tells me a whole lot about where my confidence should lay when on tour.. Just my 2 cents on the matter... Its had to have had to type this as I've been the biggest supporter of these products... I just can't do it with a clear conscience anymore... Like I said... these will become my Church units which is disappointing.. I would love to see Line 6 make these same quality sounding units in UHF frequencies... that would be worth it then in my book..
  6. Hey man, Handling noise you are seeing is because you are using a DYNAMIC MIC, they always will have handling noise in one form or another... Honestly, it really should not be an issue if you are setting your gain stage correctly on your mixer AND you have the output gain on the receiver at +0db.. The SM87 capsule is a condenser mic, they have virtually NO handling noise because they are shock mounted and do not work the same way that a dynamic mic does.. I own 10 Line6 Wireless systems and have worked with many of the high end shure... I find the Line 6 right on par if not superior to many of the other systems out there.. I personally use a Heil RC35 Capsule on my XD-V75 and I also have a Shure SM86 capsule... What you are experiencing is totally normal and wouldnt be much different on other systems... again, I have a feeling you are using way to much gain on your signal which wont help you much in terms of unwanted noise...
  7. On the reciever, set the Environment filter to NORM. Ive noticed that other capsules other than stock make the receiver go to OFF. Also consider setting your HPF or low cut on your mixer. That helps handling noise a bit too.
  8. So.. I've been lugging my gear in and out of a church for 2 years now.. With my XD-V75 and I have NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER had dropout problems... I handle all the Electronic/AV/ etc. Devices in the building so nothing has been different.. Last night I sent up my rack with 2 XD-V75 recievers and mics... both sounding great, however my mic dropped out maybe 5 times throughout the night.. on different channels as well... I had the receiver side stage, with antennas like this \____/ facing us... I recently updated the firmware and this is the first time I've used the system since... Any ideas??? would rolling back the firmware help?? should I reinstall the firmware?? could I have a faulty unit all of the sudden ?? if so then I definitely have a warranty claim I think...
  9. Only thing is, I find electric guitars to be best suited to run through an amp that has a microphone in front of it... electric guitars direct into the house always kind of suck in my opinion.... That said, you could always use this to send the signal wirelessly to a pedal board or into the amp ... physically I have found no difference between the bodypack you get with the G30 Relay and the V35-BP the difference is in the reciever with the " cable tone " which I personally have never used or had anyone using my rig use either... hope it helps..
  10. sounds like you damaged one of the pogo pins inside the mic, unscrew the capsule and take a look...
  11. why on earth would you put a wireless mic in the clip like that??? I dont care what wireless company it is, the mic is most vulnerable in the battery cup area... the transmitter itself is Rock solid ( where the buttons are ) the mic should be in the clip up there.. You can replace the battery half with this http://www.fullcompass.com/product/428836.html and dont use " glue " in the future, us JB weld.. its the strongest and easiest to work with... if you still have your broken ones let me know, I may be interested in buying them from you
  12. chances are your " vocalists " are cupping the mic and screaming like idiots into them..... What may help is replacing the grille screen with a regular Shure SM58 grille... the stock grille always leads to accidental cupping... also Every mic has its limitations so in the end... cupping any mic is going to change its response in a big way ( except for the Heil RC35 capsule ) honestly, using an awesome sounding mic like the Line6 XD-V seems like a waste of energy to waste on screamers... just hand them a wired SM58 and call it a day.... just sayin....
  13. No you can not.. you need an XD-V75 to do it... if you live on Long Island by any chance, I can help you
  14. Ok.. so I just got a new Heil RC35 wireless capsule for my XD-V75 system.. ( When I sing at church I use a V-35 reciever ) so a few questions... I read some threads here from a few years back that talk about removing the pad resistor from the RC35 capsule to work better with the Line6 transmitter.. Is this necessary? is this really a " better " thing to do ? I find I have plenty of headroom to work with ( so far ) so is this just one of those things where you can do it or not do it and its fine either way ? Also the environment/dynamic filter... I dont notice a difference in sound quality when its in NORM or OFF... I do notice more handling noise when its in the OFF position and maybe some useless fuzzier low end in my voice that I dont think I need anyway but I see alot of threads saying to turn it " off " .... Do those with the RC35 capsule really feel like its better to have it off ?? When I use the V-35 reciver, I notice that it sounds just like the V75 reciever when the dynamic filer is set to NORM so I guess continuity doesnt hurt if I keep it on NORM.. but I'd love to get some Line6 opinions on the matter as you guys have never steered me wrong.. I will say, This RC35 capsule is amazing.. I still love my SM86 capsules that I've been using but this thing is just on another level... clarity, warmth, smooth and NO EQ needed !! how about that?!?!? mic that I dont have to stress out about EQing the channel or instructing a " sound guy " at a church how to EQ my mic... excellence is here when coupled with a Line 6 XD-V mic transmitter !
  15. I was able to correct the issue Mikef221 was having... one of his XDV mics were set to RF2 while the others were in RF1... He was in fact losing connectivity to the router from the ipad after only being a short distance away.. This could have been the router becoming faulty.. it could have been interference with the mics. not really sure... . We installed a Dual Band Router and swithed off the 2.4 Ghz so the mackie is only running on 5ghz signal and the mics are in RF1 with no problems... for the Behringer, as much as it sucks having to plug in a router to the unit, I'd recommend doing so.. This way you will have an independent frequency that is rarely ever crowded... As Don Boomer had suggested, I went with the Belkin N600.. setting it up is a bit of a pain but I got it done :)
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