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  1. I've updated both the receiver and the HH. 2.04 and 2.11 Same issue. Not fixable. Even if I change the types of presets, or the Crypto Off to On and Off... Maybe it is not a software issue. But I don't care anymore. I bought a new wireless mic, of a famous brand. No more 2.4 Ghz! Honestly, I am quite disappointed. Lack of knowledge here. Too many people having the same issues, but the guy who mostly replies, who acts like some kind of a Guru, always acts like a surprised person... That's for each topic. His advice is always "Did you check the antennas, cables... RF2 to RF1..." I mark this topic as solved, since the answer to the problem is at the music store!
  2. This user is me, and I was wrong it fixed the problem... putting ON the Crypto, and then back to OFF helped 4 times, then this technique also stopped working... I have submitted a video, which to my opinion is quite strange behavior coming from the dynamic filter: https://youtu.be/e-vs35bYnbk
  3. Updates, problem recurred recently, at first I was able to fix it just switching from Crypto OFF to Crypto ON and back to OFF. It was immediately fixed for about 4 times. Had to do it once per week. Now it's not getting fixed. I also checked the dynamic filter and it seems there's some kind of problem there also. I made this video... Is this normal behavior? https://youtu.be/e-vs35bYnbk
  4. Hi, people, I was just going to send it for repair, then I tried once again, testing, disassembling anything I could, kinda surrendered, after recorded some vocals again, the dropouts were still here. When me, or my girlfriend were singing glued to the mic, there were these clicks and compression symptoms. I told her to sing 4 fingers from the mic, she assured me that she wasn't singing that far before and it wasn't a problem. Then I got this... absurd idea to switch between the different mic presets, so from Line6 we moved to Beta58 and TADAAAAA, no more problems, even when we switched back to Line6... No problems at all, close range, long range... no noises, no clicks, no dropouts... So I believe, there was something absolutely software related. Usual restart of the mic was not working, but switching throught the presets worked!
  5. Sorry, for the late reply, didn't expect another one, anyway it is not the mixer, we had this trouble onstage down at the lobby, where we were using an analogue mixer, but I recorded the samples for you 10 floors higher in my room with Focusrite sound card ... so it is definitely the mic...
  6. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. It's a hotel lobby. So there is a strong wifi. The thing is that a month ago, here at the same place, we didn't get that problem. About the LEDs, when the HH is off the red ones are constantly changing between 1 and 3. When the HH is on, the green lights are always full. And when we are searching for a channel, the free ones are constantly changing. So it might be the WIFI? Thanks, Emil
  7. Hi, there! First post here, unfortunately, not for a good reason. I am having some clipping recently with my XD-V75. Receiver firmware is 2.04, the HH updated to 2.11. I have updated from 2.03 and 2.10 because of this problem. My girlfriend, she is the singer, started having these issues a week ago, when she sings just a little bit louder, than usual, but just a little bit from normal. As you could hear, there is like clicks and dynamic changes, both hearable on RF1 and RF2. So any ideas? She is using this V75 almost two years with no such problems, we even recorded songs with it, the sound was bright as a Maldives sunny day... Thanks in advance! Emil sample.mp3
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