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  1. I have Line6 PodXT Live, which I use mostly as an interface. Every now and then I like to use plug-ins and amp sim softwares on my computer (Mac), but the problem is that even if I have all my amps, cabs and effects bypassed in the Pod, I still can hear the dry signal of my guitar (I have headphones plugged in to Pod's phones-input). I can "bypass" the dry signal by using the output from my computers soundcard but sometimes there's latency more than I'd like to. My question is that is it possible to bypass the dry signal in POD HD and still use plugins on computer? I'd buy UX2 and Pod Farm, but since they don't have the same sims as HD has I've been thinking of buying HD.
  2. Hi all, I've been using Pod XT (and XT Live) for almost ten years now. (It's funny how the time flies...) I've been quite happy with it, even though I can achieve better sounding hi-gain sounds with some other equipment nowadays. I've been thinking of buying an audiointerface (Line6 UX2) and a software (POD Farm 2.5). Since I only play home alone, I have no need for hardware (I'm going to use it with my computer, of course). I've heard some samples of my friend's POD HD and it sounds really good. I'm wondering if I can get the same amp sims in POD Farm or does the POD Farm have different sims?
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