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  1. Hi, folks, I'm thinking about a true bypass effect loop box using mechanical relays commonly used in the modern pedals. I know that the Pedal/EXT AMP jacks on HX Effectrs will control the switching of the channels and the reverb on the guitar amp. So, I'd like to make a switching box using relays on my own to switch on and off of the external pedal along with the presets without relying on the MIDI. Would anyone tell me the control voltage and maximum ampere the tip and the ring of the Pedal/EXT AMP can provide? Thank you in advance.
  2. Updated my HX Effecxts to the just-released firmware 2.70. The volume reduce bug is fixed now. Kudos to the Line6 engineers!
  3. Thanks, guys! I was allowed to create the account at IdeaScale and voted for the idea posted by Nicholas.
  4. Thanks for your suggestion. I'll create the account for the IdeaScale and post the idea. Whatever the term is (Scene mode, Prest or Snapshot), it would be nice to be able to select six combinations of the effects at at time instead of four.
  5. I used to be a happy user of M9 and used its "Scene" mode almost exclusively. I could switch between six Scenes in one action. One Scene was programmed as bypass (all effects off), which was very handy. I'm very much satisfied with the sound quality and the easy operation of HX Effects, but my small complaint is that I can recall only four Presets or Snapshots to the footswitches at a time, because two footswitches are fixed to Bank Up and Down functions. I program one Preset to bypass and so I can only use three combinations of effects at a time. Pushing two switches simultaneously to bypass or activate effets during a song is an erratic and unstable operation (at least to me). Six Scenes including the bypass was plenty enough for me, but four is not enough. Would it be possible to implement the "Scene mode" into HX Effects? Maybe you can switch between Edit, Preset and Scene modes with the MODE switch...
  6. Thank you for taking your time! Let's hope it will soon be fixed with the firmware 2.61 rather than 2.7!
  7. Just bought HX Effects with the firmware 2.60. Am experiencing exactly the same issue. Pushing the footswitch corresponding to the currently selected preset resumes the original output volume, though. I don't need to change the preset.
  8. Hi, Fred, You are not alone. I and two of my friends are experiencing similar problem with our M9s. Our problem is that M9 sometimes recognizes the settings of the knobs incorrectly, and the parameters jump around. I had given mine to the authorized dealer for about a month, but the problem didn't emerge. They said they cleaned the contact. The problem persists even after I received it from the dealer. I've been using my M9 with my basses for a couple of years and I love the sound of the many of the effects, but this problem is really frustrating. I'm not sure the manufacturer recognizes the problem, and I'm not sure if that can be solved by the firmware update.
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