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  1. Hello there, I bought this machine about a year and a half ago, loved it ever since. Recently I upgraded my desktop with a new SSD to replace the older smaller one, but since that moment the GX hasn't been working properly. I've had it plugged in for a year and a half with the speakers plugged into the GX to play not only my recordings, but also normal sounds from Spotify etc. Worked perfectly, until the new SSD. It plays sounds etc, but every 5 seconds I hear a crackling noise. You of all people understand my frustrations. I've downloaded all the GX drivers (I think, googled for Line6 GX driver and downloaded that), the Asio4all drivers and I've updated through Monkey as well. Completely updated Windows, too. Speakers work perfectly without the GX, but as soon as I want to plug them through the GX it starts crackling. Do I need to change any settings I don't know about? Please help me, I'm desperate...
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