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  1. Shucks!!! I was hoping for an easier way to switch the banks up and down. Thanks for the reply though.
  2. Anybody? Testing 1-2-3. Is this working? LOL!!!
  3. Is there anyway of programming an extra plug-in expression pedal to change the banks quicker?
  4. I got a dumb question, do you have to download all of the previous updates that l don't have, or will all of the previous updates be with the latest update?
  5. Just to let everyone know, l updated my G10 to the latest software update and it now is going to a solid green LED when charged. BTW l just got my G10 along with my Spider V 120 and a FVB3 foot controller last week used on line. All 3 of them were like new. I updated all 3 of them and they work like a charm. Great design and sounds. Awesome job Line 6!!!
  6. I had my G10 charging for 24hrs and its still flashing green. Any fix for this problem. BTW when I plug it in my guitar it works fine. Just wondering why my LED wont stay solid green.
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