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  1. Hi all, question for ya , I use Gearbox and was using Pod Farm 2 ( the little version) and i love them both but i fear they are now obsolete or close to being , so what is the latest usb interfaces with full amp modelling software i understand add on packs will always be there but what is the latest gear series ? Thanks all, Gary
  2. i did was look for the downloads for the Tone Port GX and downloaded it from there.
  3. Just installed Pod Farm 2 and quite a lot of the Preset tones wont load it says either a pack has not been added or i need a new device. What does this mean can you send me a link to the packs or is there a better newer product you sell just like this so i can play my guitar through my PC ? If i have to buy a new device will the presets play dont want to waste my money if they on the list and i cant play them. Regards, Gary
  4. Hi there I have the FBV3 controller and when I tune my guitars I can' seem to see anything on the screen on the pedal that tell you when your note is flat. Is there something I'm not seeing ? Thanks in advance for any help , Regards, Gary.
  5. I have a Spider V 30 and the small pedal which you can just switch between four patches but not banks. Which pedal will change banks on the amp without having to get up and down to change them manually ? Many Thanks in advance for any help, Gary.
  6. I understand that and I don't think for one minute there was any ill intent in your posts my friend. I think you took my reply's the wrong way and if it came across that way I apologize it's just I'm a lazy typer. In a ideal world I would love a update from Line 6 as all has worked so far but if they not going to do I throw my guitar port away I also have a guitar pod I think it's called is that now obsolute. I know the amp models still work but I use the player a lot and I'm just disappointed thants all mate. thanks for your replies and I,m sorry if I came across a bit short. Many thanks.
  7. So what do we do now ? Just throw away what we have. Would be nice if we could get some info from these guys. And to say gearbox has not been supported is not true it all worked fine until this Windows 10 upgrade.
  8. im using guitar port and gearbox but i cant get any songs to play. the guitar sounds work but i can not find the options you say can anyone plaease help. many thanks
  9. i have just noticed the same problem mate. I hope there is a solution.
  10. Thanks so much guys I will check them out. It mainly for my lessons I have to record myself and then play over it and stuff...... Well you will know that already lol. Cheers guys, Gary
  11. many thanks for the advice and help , but could you suggest a recording programme to use but I must also mention I am totally new to recording so something easy to use would be great. many thanks, gary
  12. As the title says does riffworks work with windows 8 I can't get mine to work and it keeps telling me to activate but I have no product key it just came with my guitar port.
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