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  1. Hi, Was wondering whether anyone has had any problems with sound dropping out while using a pod hd500? Sometimes,and intermittently, I will be playing and the volume just disappears. If I switch patch it comes back but on a few occasions it hasn't. I thought it was to do with the exp pedal at first so I removed this from the signal chain but it is still happening. It's really annoying as it's not all the time and I can't tell when or why it's happening. I only use this pedal while onstage (no amp) so when it goes I'm left looking like a fool. I found turning it off and on again works but I can't be doing this every night. Any ideas would be greatly received. Cheers
  2. Thanks anyway. Looks like I'll just have to start again.
  3. Hi me again, I have owned a Pod pro for about 2 years now and have some really nice tones on there. Is there anyway of importing these tones on to my new HD500? I know its a different userface on the computer but wondered whether the file tones would be transferable.
  4. Thanks everyone. Looks like i have a couple of long weeks ahead to get this gig ready.
  5. Hi, I'm completely new to the pod hd 500 and have found that when build tones to use there is a distinct dropin some of the patch tones. I will be using this to play with a touring covers band and need all but a few of my sounds to be set at the same output volume. The others to be louder i.e solo tones etc. Is there any way of doing this easily? Or will i need to set all tones to the quietest and work from that? Any answers would be greatly apprieciated. Cheers
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