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  1. Hello, I currently have a amplifi 75 . Which i'm using it as my pc speaker for backing tracks and play along guitar with my amplifi . ( you get the idea) But because i want more control en better quality i 'm thinking of buying a helix and upgrading my speaker. But what to choose ? should i buy good pc speakers ? or studio monitors ? and can i have the same setup (playin pc music through the monitors with the helix?). and do studio monitors go well with normal music?... Like i said i'm newbie and i want something easy . and good sound on QUIET volume levels. pls tell me what i need :) . thx
  2. yes where the frick is the update ???
  3. Hey , I have an amplifi 75 and suffer from data connnection all the time ( firmware 2.1). But then i decided to go back to the firmware 1.01 (through amplifi utility) and guess what no data connection problems anymore . :) So try this if you have this issue ! To make sure disable 2.4 ghz on your router , most routers can switch between 2,4 en 5ghz
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