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  1. I accidentally gave a -1 to the above post but cannot undo it. If someone could cancel it out with a +1 rep I would greatly appreciate it... Thanks
  2. I also appreciate and thank you for the reply. I do find it strange that there is no one from line 6 is acting officially here. It is good to get a little insight although I politely disagree about optimisation being an ongoing process. I think the lag and the preset volume levels are core functions that people would expect to be right from the start. By all means, add bells and whistles, such as loopers later, but the basics should be sorted first. I have tried the Boss GT-100 and Zoom G5. I have not purchased either, due to limitations that I felt were too much of a compromise (boss had a limited number of effects for a flagship model eg no echo and restrictions where you can use each effect in the chain, whereas the zoom only had 3 presents per bank and bank switching was not great). However, what both units have really fast, I would say seemless, preset changes and controlling preset volumes were both possible. I had assumed from these older units, from competitors, that lag-less preset changes would be standard now. I will keep an eye on the development of the Firehawk in the hope that it could be the unit that is draws me back to multi-effect units. For the time being, I will keep my money in my pocket and carry on tap-dancing on single-effects-pedal pedalboard (that includes an m5, which I love btw). Please, by all means, feel free to convince me to part with my money in the future by making Firehawk the unit I thought it would be. I will be waiting... Again, D.I., thanks.
  3. Having read various issues concerning the Firehawk, I have recently cancelled a pre-order. Having read this quote from Digital_Igloo, I am glad I did. The issue is not whether people wait longer for a 1.1 firmware that fixes some quite significant problems that Line 6 knew about before its release. The issue is that you started selling the 1.0 version of the Firehawk with all of these known problems in the first place. This is further compounded by the lack of information afterwards. Customers deserve better service. And more respect. When I saw this unit, I thought this was the answer to my needs. My previous multi-effects I found too slow in dialling in good tones. The units got in the way of my creativity. This looked perfect. I am sad that it isn't, at least at the moment. What some from Line 6 really needs to come and say officially is: We know about the lag issue. We are working on the lag issue. We aim to have it fixed by (specific date). We are sorry about the lag issue. Line 6 are not doing their reputation any good at the moment. Can't they see that's? As the board stands, for me, it is unusable live in preset mode. What a shame. I was genuinely excited for this product.
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