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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. Yes cruisinon2 I had the same thought when I saw refurbished but then again the factory is refurbishing them so I thought I would ask. The thing is I have gigged with my Variax 500 from the day they came out it is my oldest guitar I own, 14 years now and never had any trouble or glitch with it so i assumed that the newer instruments were of the same build quality. The one thing I have noticed is the newer guitars have plastic two piece knobs on the model selector and the two I have seen locally have the top missing ,fallen off I guess, my Variax 500 has metal 1 piece knob so that dosn't impress me with the new models. I guess I will have to think on this.
  2. Hi I have been using a Variax 500 since they first came out with great results and am still using it in my performances and I am very happy with it But would like to have a vibrato bar version. Now given the same price of a NEW Standard OR a refurbished JTV69 what is the best choice as far as construction (build quality), support for the future (parts availability) and how much of a weight difference is there between the Standard and JTV69. Thanks in advance for the suggestions
  3. I don't have a jtv but with my older 500 I jacked up the pickup volumes and the over all out put on the pickups page of workbench witch I assume still exists in the new workbench and that greatly filled out the thin sound of the virtual modeling pickups.BTW I went to extremes on the adjustments.
  4. Workbench does not come with the 500 BUT for about $99.00 you can get it and it works great with workbench. I adjusted my string levels and pickup put per model with workbench and made custom tunings ,Custom guitars like for instance a Mosrite ventures sound,Danelectro long horn Bass, And Dwayne Eddy Gretsch sounds. Etc You can make any sound you want and things that aren't possible Like put a P 90 pickup on a strat and combine a tele bridge right on top of the p90 all kinds of goofy stuff not possible in the real world to get unique sounds.
  5. Thought I was the only one who though that Leesteel. I have used my 500, heck when I bought it back in 2004 it was just a Variax no number after it for years at club gigs out door festivals in 92 degree heat, Casinos ect .My Original 500 has never let me down. Now that I have Elixer nano web strings on it I am even more happy with it. These strings give mine a even more realistic sound in my opinion and its a $6.00 upgrade. The nickle strings coated tame down the treble and piezo tone. The j200 thru the pa now sounds like John Lennons sound on the early Beatles records and the Tele bridge sounds like James Burton trebly but with some (body fullness) not just treble. I have a Brian Setzer Gretsch so I can compare and now my variax has a very full Gretsch sound. I like the fact that I can play the sounds of guitars I don't own and even the ones I do own with out have to constantly change guitars to keep the show going. I have done opening shows for big names and If you only have 30 minutes to perform you can't change guitars every song.lastly I like the no pickups idea as I can play anywhere on the guitar without having to dodge pickups when picking.
  6. I have a Variax 500 that I have never had an issue with in 12 years. I giged with it heavily and never had any issues with it but about 3 years ago I bought a Gretsch Brian Setzer and a Dipinto Galaxie and stopped using the Variax due to thinking the guitar in comparison sounded tinny, not balanced and sterile. I needed a guitar recently to play a song tuned down a (step 2 frets) so I pulled out the Variax again. I read on a forum somewhere someone suggested Elixir poyweb strings which are nickel and coated and WOW instantly it sounded like a new guitar ,The tinnyness was gone it sounded like my other guitars in quality of sound BUT balance was off and output was to low now with coated strings so just like Amsdenj I adjusted string balance but ear listening to all the models and raised pickup level to + 2 and model output to +5 . This guitar rocks now. I have a Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Fenders , and acoustic to compare the Variax to and I tell you if you just listen the Variax really sound great in comparison in some cases better then the real guitar. So my advice is to try Elixir poyweb strings and adjust balance and pickup and model output. Oh by the way I play clean performing Rockabilly, Surf instrumentals, 50's and Sixties rock so there is no distortion masking the Variax's sound and that really shows the quality of the sound coming out of the Variax
  7. Well, I too really like the Variax 500 with no magnetic pickups. I think also that when using a Variax why would you want magnetic pickups but to each his own. I think the look and the fact you don't have to dodge or pick in between pickups is very comfortable for me and I like to play all over the string surface to get different sounds and the fact that when playing a les Paul or Telecaster model and looking down and it's a Variax never bothered me at all. To me you either buy the concept of the Variax or you don't. I bought mine new in 2004 and NEVER had any trouble with it to this day and I do many shows a year.I also play a Dipinto Galaxie and Brian Setzer Gretsch and haven't used the Variax in a couple of years due to thinking the Variax was a little to tinny sounding and harsh compared to my new guitars but I recently installed Elixir poly web strings on my Variax 500 and WOW this is like a new upgraded instrument. Gone is the shrillness when you dig in while playing and the sound and models are so much more realistic and warm sounding. If you haven't tried this you really should try it! In closing my experience with my line 6 Variax has been nothing but positive and critics have said a few years down the line a Variax won't be worth anything but to me a performing musician it has appreciated in value to me do to the string change and the fact I can use workbench to get mods of existing guitars and make my own new models. I have always thought my Variax 500 looked and played great! 12 years later still happy Variax customer.
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