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  1. Hi, Whenever my Pod x3 pro is connected through usb and i'm playing along with some youtube video's which I listen to on my headphones, as well as my own guitar, after a couple of minutes my soundcard stops working and I have to reboot the laptop. I've got all the latest drivers and firmware, both for my laptop and pod. Does anyone know what could be the problem here? My laptop runs on Windows 7 64 bit with 4 GB ram. As it's a laptop it's a built-in soundcard so to speak if I'm not mistaken Thanks.
  2. Hi there, I've got a question regarding effects pedals through the POD X3 Pro. My current setup which I use alot is a Morley Bad Horsey, a Boss DS-1 and a Digitech JamMan Stereo, and of course the POD. During jamming I use the POD for effects and tones I haven't purchased yet and I use it alot for studio recordings. While jamming I'd like to loop the sounds with my JamMan. What is the correct setup for these effects and the POD? Thanks in advance!
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